How Destructive am I?

With eyes fixed on our goals, driven by our ambitions, petty or otherwise, we seldom pause to consider how destructive we are or might be. That collateral damage seems unimportant whilst the trophy of victory beckons. That “must win” can lay waste. We can destroy many things in our selfishness.

It is a fact of human life that we must destroy and kill in order to live. We need to eat. But we take so much more than we need, we are driven by a greed of sorts. How deep that hunger, that thirst is, varies. That nagging, gaping, gnawing, insatiable hole is of variable depth and rawness. And no matter how much we pour into that bottomless pit, it is for some never enough. Instead of trying to figure out what the heck that hole is, we keep on pouring.

We may lash out at the ones we love, we may meddle and intervene in the lives of others, we may play power politics. These do not build. They so often destroy. Oh that ME it wants so very bad, it must have, no matter what the cost. We are often blind to the damage we cause both to others and the web of life in general.

We could seek to be less harmful and more harmless, to inflict ourselves less. But so often we don’t, because we want, and our ambition demands. And so, we justify our destructions, we humans can justify all kinds of things, at least for a while. Sometimes the patina wears off.

Having cued this up:

How destructive am I?

How extensive is the collateral damage from my ambitions?