2 + 2 = 100

And no this is not meant to be a binary joke, it is meant to point at what I call run-off-down-the-paddock mind. The mind encounters a situation and then runs off down the paddock coming to all sorts of conclusions which bear little or no similarity to what is occurring. In the previous post Carlos’ mind framed his encounter in one way, which was not what it was about at all. When he had gotten the wrong end of the stick because of his run-off-down-the-paddock mind, he got upset. But it was down to him.

The most common form of run-off-down-paddock mind is catastrophising. A simple slight can become a sworn vendetta, a different opinion means mortal enemy and one painful urination is obviously stage IV prostate cancer. Also, if someone is nice to us on three dates in a row, they are clearly our soul mate and soon to be spouse with whom we will raise rug-rats.

The problem with run-off-down-the-paddock mind is that it is very catching. When one mind runs-off-down-the-paddock there is a tendency for others to follow. Before long a whole group of minds have run off down the paddock to catastrophe land. It can be difficult to put the brakes on run-off-down-the-paddock mind.

The irony is that checking if the catastrophe is real or not is too scary, so it is assumed to be and often amplified. Once the mind has run-off-down-the-paddock it can be difficult to regain any perspective and equilibrium.

Having cued up run-off-down-the-paddock mind:

Do I recognise this in myself?

Am I prone to catastrophising?

Is this bloke right, is run-off-down-the-paddock mind highly catching?