Priest or King, Spirit or Matter?

As this blog has a theme of duality and of superpositions we come to spirit and/or matter. And the coefficients or weighting of these in each individual. Are we more oriented towards the spirit or towards matter? I would hazard a guess that most are more oriented towards things material and the strength of that orientation varies. Some seek mundane power and riches, others are much less focussed on these. We have those who are more priest than king and there a number of narratives that would have the priest be king, when he has no interest in this. Moreover, those who would be king are threatened by the mere potential. The king may not see that the priest is not after his throne. That is a problem with thrones, certainly in days gone by, there is more competition for these. Of course, in religion too, there are seats and thrones. But that is more of an admixture of priest and king than priest in its purest sense, which might be a monk or a hermit. We have the powerful bishops of history. We are touching on the “problem” of power, and mundane power here.

This balance, this weighting, is for each of us to discern within us. And it speaks on the flavour of a given life, which may alter during its course. It is a vast subject which I may delve into more should I find a way to verbalise it.

But having cued this up:

Am I materially oriented, towards things material?

Or am I more concerned with matters of the spirit?