The Power Trip

[MC Ren]

Reading my rights and shit, it’s all junk
Pulling out a silly club, so you stand
with a fake-ass badge and a gun in your hand
But take off the gun so you can see what’s up
And we’ll go at it punk, and I’mma fuck you up!


Give some people even the tiniest bit of power and they turn into petty tyrants. A person who controls the key to the stationery cupboard becomes a vindictive dictator, the newly promoted sub-manager becomes a petty micro-manager armed with the baton of the personal review and development plan and the priest excommunicates those who challenge his hypocrisy. On all sides petty tyranny can be found and specifically so in intimate relationships. There are many with a thumb print on the forehead.

Some simply love to have any kind of minion to boss around and generally do their bidding. Way back it used to upset me when people used to refer to their Ph.D. students in tones of serfdom, they were to be bossed about. It was not widespread, but the language revealed the mind-set, some people want their will be done. Perhaps it helps them to get one up, who can say?  This power over is, for a certain type, a big turn on. It would be much easier if they got into a consenting sub-dom relationship, but it plays out away from the kink dungeon. It is even looked upon as socially acceptable.

A petty tyrant seeks to enforce their tyranny and they can become bullies. And bullies like the protection of the group or some rules which they can hide behind. When I was young in boarding school, a gang of people bullied me. So, I did an experiment, I waited until I had each one them alone and then gave them a hiding. They were not so brave on their own. This taught me a valuable lesson, petty tyrants fear personal violence. When grown up I have been tempted to re-enact this in the boardroom or the workplace. I have come within inches of head-butting people who have been throwing their weight around and otherwise being a right knobhead. If you have played front row rugby, as I have, it is a temptation that persists. The bridge of the nose can look so very inviting.

I haven’t done this as an adult.

Having cued this up:

Does even a tiny bit of power make my head swell?

Do I get off on the power trip?

Is it possible that I practise petty tyranny myself?