The Problem with Power.

This will stick with mundane or physical plane power, for now.

My own experience of having physical plane power is rather limited. I once co-founded a spin out company and for a while had shares with paper value of £2million therein, I was for a while a kind of “leader” in a new age group, and I was a middle manager at a university. The first thing to say about power is that some find it erotic and attractive. It was amazing how much “sexier” I seemed to be when I had some small measure of power. Power can get people all het up in a sexual sense. Somehow power has a gonadic link.

I guess the second thing to say is that power is rarely good for diminishing the ego. It tends to swell these. And without the anti-inflammatory medicine of humility that swelling can go unchecked, it can lead to a false sense of omniscience and omnipotence. The lust for power may bring about power, but that very same lust can bring about downfall.

Now here is something I have been kicking around. Can having power be causal of paranoia? If you horde power do you fear it being taken away? I mentioned earlier the idea of the king being afraid lest the priest was after his mundane power. The paranoia in respect of loss of power causes repression. So maybe power can cause fear and paranoia?

It is rare that having power brings out the best in people. Any latent peccadilloes can surface because power offers some measure of protection and thereby allows, even enables, the expression of these.

Power or rather the lust for power tends to be rather insatiable. It is a bit like cocaine, once you have had a line, you move onto wanting a gram and quite quickly so.

Power is also like a flame, it attracts many a moth. Some who fly too close get burned.

There will always be something bigger and more powerful than you, even the USA has problems with hurricanes.

Those who actively seek power are probably the very ones to whom it should not be granted.

I am pretty sure that power distorts the perception, it can turn a Sméagol into a Gollum, maybe not quite so dramatically in terms of outward appearance, but inwardly there is thematic truth to this metaphor.

Powerful people only talk with other powerful people, which means that they do not have access to the whole “talent” pool. If someone does not have physical plane power, then there is no point in talking with them or listening to them. Power by its self-corralling nature can become incestuous.

Power can attract the sycophant and the toady, the obsequious and the false. It can get itself cut off from reality by the self-breeding of yes-men and brown-nosing.

The problem with power is that its actions can be surreptitious, they sneak up, slowly.

Power can create a club mentality, those outside the club are shit, those in it are marvellous.

Power has many tricks, under the name of leadership it slowly tends towards imposition and tyranny. It becomes “my way or the highway”.

Most of all power allows people to execute and enforce their will. If you have power over people and you aren’t that nice inside you can do some pretty shit things which you can dress up as being for their own good. You may even kid yourself.


It is rare that having power brings out the best in people.