Being Monitored?

After a nap, some chemistry papers and re-directing some lost delivery drivers, I am pretty much back to normal. It was a freaky dream this morning. In that dream the younger man was wearing a wire.

It is a weird thought that I should be dreaming about people wearing a wire. And maybe there is some substance to the dream, in that I am in some way being “monitored”. The problem is that out of context we can hear and see things and have no context for them. This can lead to a firm grasp of the wrong end of the stick. If I understand it correctly people do snoop social media and each other’s phones etc.

We can see things “accidentally” that it might be better we never had seen or heard. That Pandora’s box is so very tempting. “I’ll just take one tiny peak!” But the problem is that which has been seen or heard cannot be unseen or unheard. It is possible to get ourselves into a whole heap of shit by snooping.