Dance-card and Doors

Finally, they have gotten around to fixing some potholes which means that the traffic is diverted down some of the more windy lanes. I know these like the back of my hand, others do not. So, we had a bit of fun queuing down the lanes. Blockages…

Still a little discombobulated after this morning’s dream, but that is fine with me. I kind of like it.

It is about a year ago that I started looking into something other than tutoring to do. No open doors as of yet. The foray into things quantum has come to naught.

After the grading on Monday, which I passed {quake in fear of the orange belt} there is not a lot on my dance card.  One tutorial, the chimney sweep and some high Z iodine contrast agent, yummy. That is, it.

Not really any further on in my rest of sojourn inquiry.

But I am feeling some urge to reduce the cash burn, which means that I had better start thinking about what to do….