The Add-on But.

At the risk of introducing a mind-worm, people use this word BUT, a hell of a lot. But of course, we do. Most often it is used as an add-on. We may be talking ourselves into something and then, wait for it… out comes the BUT. There may be more than one of them. We may be clear in our minds about something and then out comes the BUT. We might start to believe in unicorns and then we get BUT unicorns are made up.

It is surprisingly hard not to say but.

By way of an exercise, see how long you can go without saying but. You will probably fail pretty quickly. But, don’t give in. Keep trying. If you can make it a whole day without saying but then treat yourself to a nice glass of wine and revel in your new-found superhero status. The doctors sometimes tell us that too much butter is bad for us.

In any case what this exercise will highlight is how very often we utter it.

Why do we say but so very often?

Do we like to pick holes in things?

Or is vacillation a trait to be encouraged and developed?