Do you always have one eye on the road in case a VW camper van full of young hippies and a dog turn up? Are you afraid that some dude with the munchies will pull off your mask and reveal your cunning plans?

There is a lot of posturing in the world today. People adopt a stance, a position, a posture. And there are these bloody red lines, the crossing of which is justification for the spilling of, blood. If you stand with your chin out and chest puffed up, are you being real? If you play hard to get and all “prove it to me” might you in fact be wasting time? We may get asked what our position on this is, our position on that and where do we stand on Brexit or Trump. It all seems a bit silly to me.

This mask of posturing is part and parcel of a negotiating mind-set. If you shift your position, I will shift mine. This is our image, our mask, and we must maintain it at all costs. To die for a mask is a bit daft. Through our posturing we can ruin and kill relationships. There are a lot of “games” associated with posturing.

So only one question:

What percentage of my life have I wasted by posturing?