Am I a Winner?

Some people are more than a little obsessed with winning especially if that means beating someone whom they consider to be a rival. As far as I can tell they get off on it. They have a compete against mentality. Others want to be top dog in the wolf pack, so they have a tendency to snarl and growl. Some are constantly planning and making up strategies of all kinds so that they can be victor, winner. Being goal oriented they want to know where they stand in the rankings. Much of the modern world is results oriented and the football manager turnstile rotates on a regular basis. Maybe we are back to my least favourite things, metrics and top-trumps-world.

When I was very young, I used to play chess and Risk. When I had beaten my father once at chess, that was it, I was bored. I found out that to win at Risk the best strategy was not to be obsessed with winning. I used to do competitive sport, rugby and middle-distance running. Back then there was not this utter obsession with winning. I don’t know if it is a modern phenomenon or not, but I suspect that the winning mind-set has taken hold more of late than before.

Now here is the weird thing, I have from time to time had the notion that other people have wanted badly to beat me. When it has never occurred to me that I want to beat them. It is a weird feeling.

When I was a student I was messing around sparring with a flat mate. He got annoyed and kept rushing onto a mae-geri (front kick), he got so obsessed with beating me that he lost the plot. I noticed that he had lost it and for self-preservation purposes I had to keep him at a distance. In the end I had to nearly choke him out so as not to come to harm myself. He needed to calm down. For whatever reason he had gone red-mist. He had forgotten that it was meant to be some fun.

Now if you look on the internet you can find a whole bunch of stuff about how to be a winner. There is a business in results and being #1. You can get plenty of coaching about how to win. Nobody mentions the price of victory.

I guess each of us will have our own orientation towards winning.

Having cued this up:

Do I like winning?

Have I ever become obsessed about beating a rival?

Is it possible that I have lost perspective because of my must-win mind-set?

If I lose does the Milky Way implode?