The Self-esteem Barometer

How we feel about ourselves varies with time and how things are transpiring in our lives. We all have ups and downs. The self-esteem weather changes. We can be a little one dimensional in how we measure our self-esteem. For some the “aren’t I clever” axis is of high importance. They may need to get a star from teacher, be top of the class and excel at exams. There is a lot of pressure these days for young people to get results in exams and when they don’t do so well, their self-esteem can plummet sharply. Some people like to outwit others and get one over on them. They may like to score points in “banter”.

I’ll hazard a guess that many have rather low self-esteem and what they have is fragile. It may need propping up, often. They may need to increase their self-esteem at the expense of someone else.

Having cued this up:

What is my self-esteem weather like, right now?

What factors impinge on my self-esteem?

Am I perhaps too one dimensional?