Why So Bellicose?

This morning I came to the conclusion that humans are kinky for war. They just seem to love conflict and if that means bombing the shit out of each other that is fine. Whilst we may look on scenes of destruction in the news and gasp, it does not stop. We are increasingly inured. Somewhere on the planet somebody will be firing guns at somebody else, right now. This is with the express will to kill another human. We may even use rape as weapon of war.

This competition to have the “say so” to have the power or to wreak havoc and vengeance doesn’t go away. This stupid desire to win and thereby prove who is “best”, who is the winner, is endemic. It runs through society. It ranges from who has won the argument all the way to sticking a bayonet in someone else’s guts. “I won the competition! Look at me aren’t I fucking clever?”

In Rome they had gladiators, nowadays we have highly paid prima donna footballers, so we can bore each other senseless with who is the best team, who is going up, who is going down.

Humans love conflict and competition…

I just don’t get it.

Why must we slay our enemies, vanquish or opponents on the pitch or beat them in the league table?

Why are we as a species so very bellicose?

Weird and sad.