All Those Layers of Social Conditioning

In order to start to get close to our true natures we need to peel off all those layers of social conditioning. Whether you believe it or not we all have them. And each layer is bonded to the next with the epoxy glue of should and ought. This glue is very sticky and hard to shift. It holds things tight and is very resistant to being prised apart.

All that conditioning means that we have lost sight of our core, what I call our authentic self.

This social conditioning gives rise to an utter terror of the dreaded social faux pas. It is what makes the decision as to whether to hold a door open for someone following us into a shop, awkward. It means that we are uptight and unable to express our feelings. It is social conditioning that inserts the pole far up our arses. And it is social conditioning that drives the trains and buses around in the incessant chatter of our internal dialogue. As we remove each layer, each skin of social conditioning, we get closer to our true natures.

Having cued this up:

How often do I use the words should or ought?

What “voice” are these words in?

Do I inflict these on myself?

Do I inflict these on others?

If I peeled back the layers of my conditioning what might I find?