Funny and a Joke

It is a human trait to gather together and have a laugh at someone else’s expense. Those in on the joke find it funny. “Look at that muppet! Ha, ha, ha…” It rarely occurs to us that what may be funny to us, is not funny at all to someone else. This is a basis to humour. And if the butt of the joke fails to see the funny side we can berate them for being too serious. Humour can so often be a double-edged sword.

This laughing at muppets is behind the popularity of the prank genre. Some of these pranks go wrong.

It seems OK to have some “sport” at the expense of another. It is all only a jolly jape, only sometimes it is not. When we get caught up in this, we can be oblivious. It never occurs to us that we might be being detrimental. After all entertainment is, entertainment.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever laughed at a muppet?

Why did I do that?