That Pervasive Fear of Exposure

As you can perhaps tell from this blog I am OK about sharing stuff. This means that at least to some extent I have overcome my fear of exposure. Short of getting naked and posting a dick pic. there is not a vast amount more that I could expose. I am pretty used to people shoving endoscopic cameras up my arse and I could ask for some holiday snaps of my colon to post on my blog. But I won’t. This fear of exposure can be crippling especially when it comes to developing any intimacy in relationships. A façade-façade relationship has no depth and is thereby fragile. Where this dread of exposure comes from in each of us may vary, but it is possibly to do with not being good enough or fear of being found wanting. We may have been up to no good and do not want this exposed. Or we may simply love playing the secret squirrel game, perhaps because it gives us some perceived advantage.

A fair while back someone I knew used to reckon that people drooled over secrets, I thought he was overstating. I have since changed my view.

If I understand it correctly the level of data stored on us all is at an all time high. So, we are already exposed, as it were. Privacy is a thing of the past. Of course, this data does not speak directly of our innermost secrets, but our browsing history might. We may spy on our friends and acquaintances and never reveal to them that we have been doing this. Once we start, we become fearful of exposing ourselves in this act. Then things get ever more surreptitious. The subject becomes a difficult one to broach. “I was spying on you the other day and I was shocked to hear about X. Oh and by the way that was a nice dick pic.! My, haven’t you got an attractive colon.” I guess it all depends upon which circles you mix in as to what is and what isn’t acceptable.

I am digressing slightly. What we fear most is sharing our feelings. They are more intimate than our genitals and our gizzards. We leave so much unsaid and because of this our lives are not as rich as they might otherwise be.

One question:

Has my fear of exposure had a detrimental impact on my quality of life?