The Dreaming

Last night I had another dream in which people from my past were searching for me. In the dream they wanted me to do something but were unaware that I can no longer do that kind of thing. They would not believe me and tried to insist. I had to tell them over and over.

The jackdaw is gradually getting braver and no longer flies off so quickly. He is now comfortable with me only a few metres away. I am toying with idea of offering some food by hand.

When I dropped off my prescription at the surgery, I met a woman with two dogs both of which were husky-Pomeranian cross breads. They had beautiful eyes. I held my hand out to them. And for whatever reason they made a big fuss about me and got all excited, jumping up and play chewing my arm.

In town subsequently, I met two people known to me, which is pretty rare. I spoke briefly with each of them and shook hands.

I have this vague intangible feeling of something gathering, it has a technology kind of feel and is somehow to do with technology. Strange. Intangible.

That world of semiconductor clean rooms and shiny labs is so far away..

This intangible may be related to the dream…