An Unpaired Electron?

If you saw me walking down the street you would not instantaneously think; “Look at that freak, he must have one or more unpaired electrons!” This is because we tend to judge a book by its cover, inside an obese middle-aged man, with short hair, in jeans and a fleece, there may be some radical thinking. Because my BMI is high I am, by definition, obese. But I can still mow a 1500 square meter garden in two hours with a simple mower. We have great difficulty seeing beyond appearance and definition.

We have trouble accepting. I for instance have had to arrange to see my psychotherapist recently. Because I am having great trouble accepting that the invitation did not arrive. On all sides I can the wedding merchandise, but I won’t be going to the special day. For whatever reason I have been overlooked. It is a severe blow.

Joking aside, if we don’t like the way something looks, or how it is presented we cannot accept it. We listen mostly to those most like us. Many are scared of the freaks and the weirdos. We may associate dreadlocks with drug taking and crime, when we could be talking to a pacifist vegan. We might associate guru robes with a “spiritual” being, but they might be shagging their devotees. If I put my business suit on and lorded it about, you would think differently of me than were I unshaved and in combats and a vest.

Yah, we are all prejudiced to a greater or lesser extent.

Having cued this up:

How do we define normal?

How do we define radical?

With which camp do I associate myself and belong to?