Delight in the Fall

Whilst we are on the subject of humour, mocking and ridicule, there is an unpleasant part of humanity which delights in the fall. When someone falls from “grace” we point our fingers and say that they had it coming. Quickly they become an object of ridicule, whether that be a politician paying off a prostitute or when a plastic surgery obsessive goes one step too far. There is a nasty and pernicious side which somehow delights. Quickly they become the subject of gossip and pointing. They are like a specimen in a freak show.

The other things that we like to mock are the weirdos, the strange and the eccentric. Maybe at the back is a “but for the grace of God there go I”.

The collective, the group can swivel very quickly to deride, to mock and to belittle.

Having cued this up:

Do I delight in the fall?

Have I ever mocked a weirdo, a freak?

Why do I do this, what is the pay-off for me?