Are We Entitled to Tittle-tattle?

Do we deserve it? Is it our right?

I suspect that many believe we are. We have the right to know the goings on, the ins and outs, and every minute piece of petty crap. We are then able to load it into the magazine of our AK so that we can use it, should we need to, to score points. We can trade this precious commodity, tittle-tattle, with others, so as to elevate our position in the social pecking order and secure allies at least temporarily.

It is a whole lot easier to accumulate and store this lovely commodity than get on with working on our own lives. It is perhaps a displacement activity par excellence.

When people meet they may say:

“Tell me all the gossip..”

“Well you know the strange bloke who lives on the farm?”


“Well he is going to the arse doctors again, to have it inspected.”

“Serves him right…he is always out there smoking.”

It seems we can’t resist the temptation to collect tit-bits and tittle-tattle. After all, to pry into the business of others and sit in judgement is our divine birth right, is it not?

Having cued this up:

Am I fully entitled to collect tittle-tattle and indulge therein?