No, Not Me

At this point in time the press is having a piranha-feeding-frenzy on the family of a bride to be, and humanity feeds on the bits of flesh ripped off with a seemingly insatiable hunger. It is savage, brutal and distinctly unpleasant. That salacious desire for every tit-bit is not very civilised. But amongst this morning’s press I found one highlight:

Vatican orders nuns to spend less time on SOCIAL MEDIA and more time in contemplation

  •     Catholic Church’s 38,000 nuns told tweeting too much intrudes on life of prayer
  •     Vatican document issued in 2016 offers guidelines on daily life in monasteries
  •     It says that nuns should use social media accounts with ‘sobriety and discretion’

In fact, it has already made my day.

There comes a time in life when one has to say No, Not Me. I am not going to partake of or participate in. Just because everybody else is doing it, doesn’t make it nice, or wise. And this is the problem; that fear of missing out and thereby not belonging is so very strong. It is shoal-like behaviour.

Until one says and enacts No, Not Me one does not know any better. Whatever the herd, the hive, the shoal does, is all that one knows.

There is not much freedom in that.