Starting to be Honest About Hypocrisy

In the last post I pointed at two things, first that many of us have a whole host of preconceptions and second the “my guru is better than your guru” trap. We might say science is better than religion, and although science is meant to be open-minded inquiry we have already demonstrated an a priori assumption and thereby not applied a fundamental tenet. This hypocrisy thing can be found on all sides.

One of the biggest epiphanies of my life came when I started to be honest about my own hypocrisy, the moment I open the door to this possibility shit loads fell into place. Like through an open floodgate they, the hypocrisies, surged. It was humbling and liberating at the same time. I can highly recommend it.

Until one has had a course of therapy, or say rehab., we are largely unaware of the extent of our own bullshit. We do not want to see, nor even acknowledge a likelihood of there being any. But once we have stated to face our demons, we are much less arrogant and as a consequence, we are open to learning. Nobody likes to be called a hypocrite. But here is a challenge; find me one single human being on this planet who has not ever had or does not currently have, some level of hypocrisy. You will not be able to!

Once you start counting the hypocrisies there is plenty of work to do in eradicating each one. Slowly, you get closer to words and actions matching. It is always a work in progress.

So here is a gate, a powerful gate:

Am I ready to start being honest about my own hypocrisy?

If I did this might I find this a liberating experience?

Or are the implications too big and too scary, for me to countenance?   

Golden Lotus

Floating free in the æther

the golden lotus

swirls on the pond

of inner sacred space


Om Ah Hum

Three Petals open

Om Ah Hum

Then three more

Om Ah Hum

Now there are nine


Perfect kernel of wisdom

still clasps tight knowledge

sealed within its naked bud

radiant magnificence


Sat upon the leaves of gold

the sea electric

whirlpools round

an ice blue vortex

all wisps and whispers


Call in the fire

the lightning snakes

Strikes once

Strikes twice


A dual conveyor

one going up

one coming down

the blue electric fire


Now tinted with indigo

deeper and more vibrant

ocean deep

and current strong


The bud rises on its

Auric pin


the snakes and ladders

pulsing now, a heart


The bud rotates

and finally yields

through open wings

peeling chrysalis back

to show brilliance


Pure ecstatic white

faceted with stardust

crispest Diamond

sparkles like February’s

coldest dew at dawn


The jewel levitates

and starts to turn

gaining brilliance

with each revolution


Behold resplendent!!


The Jewel in the Centre of the Lotus


Om Mane Padme Hum