The Duality of Precedents

As duality is something of a theme here, it was only a matter of time before it popped up again.

This notion of what has gone before and how it was handled or “managed” is a basis for human law; it is a basis for both academic and corporate governance. People refer back to a precedent to justify. Each time we allow a new approach we are creating a precedent. If for example one turns a blind eye to misdemeanour, we are creating an enabling precedent for further misdemeanour. The thin end of the wedge has been allowed. Before long we have so many precedents that we need a massive library for them.

We rarely consider that how we treat pretty much any situation creates some kind of precedence. “But last time that was OK, how come the rules have changed?”

But here is the thing, precedent is not unilateral. It is two sided, at least. If we treat someone poorly, we are setting a precedent. Sooner or later they refer back to that precedent and think, nah…Or maybe they take that precedent as an example of how to treat others, so the precedent pass-the-parcel game goes on. Precedents can propagate outward and as in the case of Alien versus Predator, they can be widely cited to justify.

To use me as an example. I have done some things which were certainly unexpected, if not unprecedented. How these have been handled has created a stack of precedence reference material which may be referred to later by the “handlers”. It has created a set of precedents in my mind about how people will respond under certain stimuli. On the basis of these precedents I have chosen not to do things because I have a whole stack of precedents. So those “handling” me have their precedents, and I mine. There is no THE precedent, there is at least a duality of precedents.

How people treat me creates precedents.

If one is an experimentalist, as I am, one probes a situation, observes the response and notes the behaviour. It is then logged in my precedence look-up table. “This is the kind of response I have had before. On that basis, that precedent, it is no longer worth trying that approach.”

If someone is trying to do something new there is no precedent for people to refer to. So, because of that lack of precedent, it is unacceptable. Yet they set the precedent of treating the new stuff in a closed way, sending the message we don’t want anything new-fangled, piss off, sling your hook. This further concretizes the precedent for conservatism.

Can you see the circularity that a reliance on precedence introduces?

Those “in power” set a precedent and those “not in power” ought to obey. But those “not in power” take note of the behaviour and store it as a precedent. In revolution, if you suppress the peasants brutally, this can be relied on as a precedented behaviour. So as a revolutionary you stimulate this suppression precedent, it worked before, so it will be repeated. Slowly the revolutionary stimulates so many suppressions that the peasants have had enough and revolt. Ask Tsar Nicholas.

Precedent is not a unilateral thing.

Having cued this up:

How heavily do I rely on precedence?

Is it possible that precedence is in fact a double-edged sword?

Not Quite Adamantine

Unlike Wolverine I do not have Adamantine in my body nor am I adamantine. As I found out on the endoscopy table yesterday, it is likely that I do have some Titanium staples helping to hold my colon together. “So that is perhaps why I keep setting off the overly sensitive airport metal detectors these days!”, I thought to myself.

I have a bit of a stone-over this morning from the sedatives, it is quite nice. On the screen yesterday, I saw one “polyp” which I discussed with the endoscopist. It did not look like the “normal” polyps, nor did it look like a tumour. It could be a granular tissue caused by a partial bio-incompatibility with the Titanium staples at the site of the anastomosis, where the join was made. I don’t think he was used to having technical discussions with people who are supposed to be off their face. My recall was good afterwards. Anyway, because I had not done the Picolax thing there was a risk of methane, so no snare biopsy / resection. A current, some methane and internal air, could have interesting effects. Which means that in a few weeks’ time I am back for a full colonoscopy. They will be able to look all the way around the bends with this instrument.

And then once the biopsy is taken…a couple of weeks to hear if it is indeed granular tissue….


Not quite adamantine.

A Juncture

Been gardening this afternoon and weeding out nettles. You have to get the roots, or the darned things come back.

It seems to me that whenever I try to do something, like this blog for example, somebody cannot resist meddling. Which tends to suggest that it is a stupid thing to do, pretty much anything I mean. If it makes people pissed off, then as there is already enough anger in the world, maybe it is better that I didn’t do it. And if people can’t resist snooping, then for their sake it is better that I don’t give them anything to snoop on. That way at least I won’t be a party. One of the things to decide about is this blog. I can dissolve it just as I did with eigenoptics ltd.

I need to decide whether to listen to the doctor or the advice leaflet. The doctor said don’t do anything other than clear liquids for the 36 hours before the sigmoidoscopy {scheduled for Tuesday afternoon}, in effect a partial fast. The leaflet says carry on as normal and simply do the phosphate enema a couple of hours before. I can’t wait for that arse cleaning experience.

I need to decide about the alcohol questionnaire. I could fill it in truthfully and kick off that whole palaver again, I could lie, I could refuse. It might be interesting to see if they would go ahead with the procedure if I refused. It could make for an interesting piece of intensity. “If you don’t fill it in, we can’t do the procedure.” “OK, see you, bye.” There could be a life and death bluffing game. “If you don’t do as you are told we won’t check you for cancer.”

At a bit of a juncture, methinks…

I am a little sad with this state of affairs if I am honest.


Some Unprovable Statements

If it is a national trait to indulge in we know best thinking, espionage, socio-political skullduggery, power games, getting all uppity and offended, the preparation and enactment of cunning plans, then that will have a karmic impact. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. The answer is to stop indulging in these behaviours and try to find different approaches. Ramping them up does not and will not reduce the karmic impact.

How people treat me and behave towards me will have a greater than expected ongoing karmic impact. That impact may be far-reaching and long-lasting. I am not an ordinary being.

I am getting more than a little fed up with people sending these nasty angry emanations in my general direction and making plans as to what to do with me, without consulting me.

If you have a “Sith” mind-set the more you apply “Sith” thinking the less likely it is that you will ever be free.

Karmic impact is not always instant. Sometimes it takes a long time to bear fruit. What one appears to have gottten away with may in fact be in a gestation stage. The fruit may arrive when you are least able to cope with it.

If you dabble deep in the dark-side and get yourself lost, that is your own doing, by and large. If you are stupid enough to direct those efforts at a person who might be able to help you, you will destroy the very thing which might have helped you back.

There is nothing quite like a little light to bring out the dark in some people. Strangely light amplifies dark and vice versa.

Emanations as a Distance

Often there is a marked difference between what people say and what they emanate. They may be speaking nice things but emanate anger, frustration and ill will. This is particularly true of people who have a strong will. If there will be not done and they can’t get it done, this pisses them off. They can be positively seething and emanate this underlying seething-ness in to the web of life in general or it can be directed at someone in particular. This emanation can be so strong that it can be followed back to a person, to a face and to a name. It need not be a proximal thing. These emanations can be felt at a distance.

Last night I picked up “spin” and a packet of ill-will directed at me.

People who have a lot of personal power give off strong emanations. Many of these have a controlling nature and if they can’t control, they are not happy. They can emanate a distinct displeasure.

It is not a good thing to do…

There is not a lot one can do. One might emanate back, if one was so inclined.

But that simply adds to the toxic waste in the web of life…


On The Cusp of the Dream

When one encounters a consciousness or consciousnesses so utterly determined to be the winner, out there, on the cusp of the dream. And one can sense their anger and desire to destroy you, there is not much else that you can do, other than offer them a flower and hope that they get over it and come to their senses.

Oh that desire to be right, how it cuts them up inside. It is a bit sad.

I am sorry for my temerity..

Here is a flower..I hope it helps…