The Sign I Have Been Waiting For?

Now that dream was not an echo…

You can’t talk to dolphins in an echo…

Throughout the blog there is mention of start-ups and VCs, which might seem at odds. But the prime motivation for me was always about raising some stake money. It was never about getting rich. Even way back, this was the idea.

I would make an exit with enough money to start a centre. I am good at organisation and logistics, so this would be easy for me. Even in the dreaming there is practicality.

There is plenty of money for new electronic gizmos, less for experimental retreat centres.

This notion has come back today.

Maybe this is the sign I have been waiting for in regard of remainder of earthly sojourn…


Dealing with Echoes

The web of life has to it possibilities, some are yet to be and nascent, others are by way of echoes or ghost possibilities. These are the possibilities which might have happened but did not. Some of these echoes have a marked longevity and one can tap into them until such time as they are fully damped and faded. Maybe you have experienced one of these echoes of what might have been? They sometimes come to us in dreams. They relate to a fate which might but did not. They have a ghostly nebulous quality, which can “haunt” the mind a little. One cannot ever materialise an echo.

As things stand I cannot envisage ever going into London again. Well maybe a visit to the opera, but that is about it.

That dream feels like one such echo-possibility. There have been many of these. Once the aperture in space-time has passed it closes and all one can hear is the echo of the door.


Has Humanity Lost Its Way?

Maybe it has. Where would you say humanity is heading now?

There does not seem to be any direction, there is a backlash against dodgy sexual behaviour. The issue of climate change is perhaps facing some burn-out, the novelty having worn off, fatigue has set in. The great swathes of migration from the middle east and Africa are on hold for warmer weather. We have nuclear sabre rattling and endless Brexit bickering. But at least there is plenty of celebrity gossip to keep us going of a winter’s night. Before long we shall have another presidential tweet to talk about and a shooting or two.

Maybe the world is battening down the hatches and looking after the pennies.

I am pretty sure that this obsession with metrics and counting has a hand in it. This perhaps phallic fascination with star-ratings, rankings, key performance indicators and fucking league tables is all the rage. Those bastards who invented spreadsheets have a lot to answer for! All those bloody statistics, we are fed them like formula milk. The trouble is they get boring, quickly. We become inured. A crisis is measure by the numbers killed. Soon 500,000 is the entry level number for a disaster.

Provided there is a good internet connection, mobile signal, wine in the fridge and pictures to look at, we are comfortable.

Have we become comfortably numb?

There is a crisis in relationship, a growing mental health crisis, and a lack of leadership. There is also a lack of follower-ship. Oh how we must opine..

Maybe it has to get a whole lot worse..

Is that really the answer?

Must humanity go down the shitter and around the U bend before it is ready to change?



Maleness Courses?

Now that I am back to about 95% after the Martian flu, I am starting to kick ideas around as to what to do next. I am pretty good at course design and this idea of “Maleness” courses came to mind. I don’t think most are overly concerned about things spiritual, rather the concerns lie closer to home. In the coffee shop in town there were two women, about my age, discussing their internet dating profiles and this points at something. From what I overheard they were both divorced. This means that like so many of us, they will go into whatever next with baggage. Relationships break down and do not last. They may well be superficial and based around what I call relational negotiation. In a heterosexual sense one half of a relationship has male gender, is does not mean that they are masculine or expresses “maleness”.

No matter how powerful and successful you may appear, there is still this thorny issue of intimate relationship, without which it can be difficult to feel whole and “settled”. You may be a big cheese, but your intimate relationship can still be a mess and far from satisfactory.

Because I live in my “yogi’s cave” I am pretty much cut off from the modern world and its concerns. I don’t know all that much about the currency and I am not a social media user (blog excluded). It seems to me that body image is a way bigger concern now than it was. A well-manicured hipster beard does not make you exude maleness, nor do throbbing biceps. At first pass and from a business angle, there could be mileage in developing “maleness” courses, if only to get people talking about it. Obviously, we would have to sit on bean bags and eat quiche. Joking aside it looks a tricky thing to start thinking about.

How might one even get things started?

I sense a frustration in women about men. Whilst there is a range of what people like, I am not sure that women find mothering their partners all that attractive. Nor would they like an overly domineering man. It is perhaps again about balancing. Perhaps we need an entirely new notion of masculinity?

Books on such a subject might sell, but maybe one would have to title it well so that one could have it on the bookshelf without attracting piss-taking.

How, outside of a counselling environment, might one begin to address this insecurity? Maybe there is a pent-up need to talk, hidden beneath the beer, football and shagging; under the Top Gear obsession and swagger?

It must be about getting men to open their hearts, at least a little; to get them out of the bullshit and comparison mind. Which of course would lead full circle back into some notion of “spirituality”.


Homo In Silicio

Homo sapiens, a possible misnomer, is heading towards an entire new species, which we might deem homo in silicio. Already much of our time is spent on line and in our electronic worlds. There are advances in medical implants whereby the heart etc. is controlled by on board electronic devices. We have the world of wearable tech.

Before long it will be implantable tech. we may become microchipped like cats and dogs. Soon there will be a new rite of passage at say 18. Then we get fitted with our own transmitter/receiver and our SIM implant. We will get intra-cochlear headphones and an intra-jawbone microphone implant. Our heads-up display will be hardwired into the cortex.

Amongst us will be an army of clones produced from neither egg nor sperm. Many of us will change species and there will be a parallel evolution between homo in silicio and residual homo sapiens. It will be to be discovered if any Souls are willing to take on a cloned body, so we may have a new type of being entirely without Soul. Only those rich enough for the implant technology will become homo in silicio, they will communicate with the all the data sources and live increasingly immersed in the virtual worlds. They will seek to dominate the remainder of homo sapiens, who will develop empath and telepath qualities.

Homo in silico will give over control of pretty much everything it values to the onboard artificial intelligence. It will have virtual relationships via avatars, reproduce by electrically and visually stimulated ejaculation into glassware, the eggs harvested simultaneous with the SIM fitting rite of passage will be extracted from liquid nitrogen and genetically matched. No corporeal contact will ever be needed again and so homo in silicio will exist in a near hermetically sealed world devoid of viruses and bacteria, where high definition 3D holograms are the on board ersatz of nature.

In time there will be the war to end wars, in which the machine driven soft wet matter takes on the rest. It will be the war of the empath and telepath, against the computers and its hosts.

Coming sooner than you think to a world near you…

Hmnn… perhaps there is a movie script here….

Justification-world – The Dying of the Light

When you hear a justification does it make your spirit soar?

Maybe it does, and it is only me who is weird. We are surrounded by justifications, entombed and our hearts pierced by the countless stakes of them. It appears all so reasonable. We have to justify pretty much everything we do in conversation, in job applications and even to the parrot in its cage. The endless stream of justifications, it turns the world grey and anodyne, bereft of colour. And by our justifications we do some pretty bad shit, it is OK though, because it is thoroughly justified.

To what part of us do justifications speak? Is it our hearts? Is it our pseudo-rational mind? Is it our linguistic core processor?

It is by justification that we silence and assuage the remnants of our conscience and muffle whatever residue of spirit lies mortally wounded within us. And we think we are so very clever in acting like this. Somewhere there is a mountain of babies, piled Everest high. And these are the babies we threw out with the bathwater, because of our insistence on justifications.

We do not see that there is a Dying of the Light. And in any case should we do, we can easily justify it away. And before long all we will be left with are our lovely justifications. We shall knit patchwork blankets out of them and lie beneath them in the hope that they will keep us warm, when the light is no more.

Whilst we shiver, in justification-world we shall feel thoroughly justified, if a little indignant.

Is There an Arrow of Time?

From Wiki:

“In the 1928 book The Nature of the Physical World, which helped to popularize the concept, Eddington stated:

Let us draw an arrow arbitrarily. If as we follow the arrow we find more and more of the random element in the state of the world, then the arrow is pointing towards the future; if the random element decreases the arrow points towards the past. That is the only distinction known to physics. This follows at once if our fundamental contention is admitted that the introduction of randomness is the only thing which cannot be undone. I shall use the phrase ‘time’s arrow’ to express this one-way property of time which has no analogue in space.”


“The arrow of time is the “one-way direction” or “asymmetry” of time. The thermodynamic arrow of time is provided by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says that in an isolated system, entropy tends to increase with time.”

Even people who teach this kind of stuff may forget it and take a compartmentalized view that it only applies to physical systems. In their interactions with the world they may assume that nothing is final, it can always be undone, one may be able to talk one’s way out of any situation and that revocability can hold true. Yet in common parlance we have; “don’t lock the stable door after the horse has bolted” and “too much water under the bridge”. Both of which point at some irrevocability. There may be a short time at which things can be reversed (a bit) but after that, the reversal is no longer possible.

Strangely the “cleverer” you are the more you might believe in your god-like abilities of revocability. Time’s arrow does not exist for you, only mere mortals. It is with this mind-set that some politicians cannot resist opining. Somehow this cleverness can forget the second law of thermodynamics, if it had ever encountered it in the first place.

We can get into cause and effect, action and consequence, to see that unless you have a DeLorean time machine, time flows only one way on the macroscopic scale. Everyone kind of knows this, yet it does not influence our actions as much as it might. Science fiction aside we cannot turn the clock back and start over. There is no “undo” button in real life.

Regret can stem back to when the stable door was left open and before the Pooh stick passed under the bridge, but that doesn’t change the new situation. No matter how much we might want revocability it can never be exact, only partial at best. We cannot go back to the initial conditions in the event flow. All one can do is learn from what might be termed a mistake. We have the notion of “too late” and it is real enough.

Some seemingly small actions of ours can create an inordinate amount of mess and kerfuffle. These are evidence of an increase in entropy, according to the second law. A mess once generated is very hard to clean up. Time’s arrow is given flight and it bifurcates on its journey. And even should the mess be cleared up things are never the same again. Yeah, this kind of stuff keeps Jeremy Kyle in work.

There are some things in life, in the human sphere, which are irrevocable and so Time’s Arrow applies. There is no going back. Some things which are not random but intended also cannot be undone, though their consequences may not initially have been considered.

You cannot step in the same river twice.