What Does Intrigue Solve?

The answer can be found HERE.

Now imagine that you have a problem and that problem is me. You could discuss endlessly what do about me or with me. You would be doing this behind my back. That would be akin to conspiracy and plotting. It may never occur to you that in having secret conversations about me, you would be indulging in intrigue. You could declare me “Fair Game”. But would that actually solve anything?

Assuming this was not to your taste, what would you do next?

You could hire a hit man, find a way to sue me, or attempt to reconcile the situation somehow. But how would you step out of intrigue and into some kind of inclusive dialogue? You could pretend that you had not been having conspiring dialogues about what to do with me, how to handle “the situation”. However, I would not be convinced. Where do you think things might go?

Intrigue rarely solves anything and the only thing it creates is more intrigue. There is an endless cycling of it, ad infinitum.

Having cued this up:

What do you think, can intrigue solve problems?

If so, in what ways?

Does intrigue, as I have suggested, merely generate yet more intrigue?

How does intrigue flavour the world, what does it taste like?

Force and Compliance

You may have noticed that I have started to highlight Materialistic Forces.

Depending upon how you are and how you think you might have a differing view of the words Force and Compliance. You may imagine that being forceful is a good thing, you might like others to comply with your will. You might confuse coercion with management. There may be an idea that persuasion into or leveraging into is a good thing. And there may be denial about where manipulation starts, after all if it is for your cause, your plan, it can’t be manipulation, because your cause is “obviously” the right one.

Roll these words Force and Comply around in your mind. Do you like them? Do they make you feel somehow powerful? Or are they anathema to you?

The problem with materialistic forces is that they can seem so justifiable.

To give a mundane example. Once upon a time before RAE and REF everyone who taught at universities was on a contract that enabled them to teach and pursue some research. Along came these exercises whereby the research output was measured, and governmental funding depended upon it. So there had to be some game playing to exclude those not excelling. Some bright spark invented the notion of teaching fellows. The idea being that these were no longer research staff, so could be excluded from the assessment, yet do the “boring” teaching. So many of the less politically able lecturers of old were offered a choice, the sack (redundancy) or migrate onto a teaching fellowship. This may seem justifiable for the greater “good”. These people were then coerced onto these contracts by the use of persuasion, peer pressure and threat of loss of income. This is a use of materialistic force.

Such examples of forceful coercion into compliance can be found pretty much everywhere.

If your mind thinks comply, then forced compliance is almost inevitable. It does not always need the cosh or the bullet. It can be done by pressure, psychological pressure, threat of job loss, brow beating and peer pressure. Pressure is defined as force per unit area, the force of peers on one person creates a lot of pressure. The weight of the crowd is hard to bear by the individual. One can be manoeuvred and manipulated until there is only one choice, comply. Yah and society thinks Scientology is freaky, as usual the pots and kettles have a fair bit in common. To suggest cult-like behaviour is common in all (many) organisations is to talk to a brick wall. But forceful coercion of whatever degree is a part of “management” practice. Fill out your continuous professional development plan and meet your objectives or else!! This kind of stuff breeds petty tyrants. Do you know a few?

The cult of the personality, the sacred cow, is endemic. People like this can throw their weight around and get their will done for fear of emotional and political reprisal. One dare not get on the wrong side of a powerful diva. Those that coerce can be coerced in turn and before long force and compliance are the order of the day. We have the treacherous internecine politics so common in modern organisations. It is normal. Instead of getting things done people watch their backs and play Machiavellian games. Does this sound familiar?

This climate of force and forced compliance is something of a modern reality.

I could go on…

Having cued this up:

Is being forceful a good thing ultimately?

Should others comply with my will?

Is Materialistic Force the best and only way?

Wider Karmic Implications

If you have chosen to give allegiance to the Lodge of Materialistic Forces, that is your choice. If you are still somewhat on the fence you are wavering in that general direction. Earlier on in the blog I asked; “Hawk or Dove?” Now why did I do this?

If you look at the blog content much of it points at an elevation of consciousness upwards through the emotional (astral) plane towards the detached mental plane. At the lower echelons of that plane the forces of justified materialism hold sway. At the upper end the Soul reaches down, via the conscience to infuse and advise. The evolutionary journey upwards must pass through this sedation of justified materialism to the higher intuitional (Soular) climate. But only you can decide where you linger, so to speak.

Whether you like to admit it or not you are already on the plains of Kurukṣetra, facing the adventure of a material incarnation. How you use your time, a precious commodity, is up to you. You can succumb to greed, importance and petty self-advancement, or you could choose otherwise.

In this respect you could take your bow and shoot the person trying to get a message across (me) or learn to think and discern for yourself and by yourself. Whatever you do has karmic implication, and that may be much wider and long lasting than you can imagine. Suffice it to say what is going on here may pass well beyond the face value of this blog. I am not so keen on being target practice.

If you are so important that “you” deem karma and the Soul of no or little import, then that is a choice. But think about it a little, what or who is the “you” which is making this decision?

Karma is not individual alone, it is group and even national in nature. Do you really want to share aeonial karma with the group(s) you associate with, or would you prefer to cut your own swathe?

I’ll make a statement here and it does not come from self-pity. By and large I have not been treated well in this country (England), I have experienced exclusion and gossip. I have had people endlessly arguing the toss and been subject to much political manoeuvring. There has been much which is unpleasant. I am just one being. But the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and I sample the collective behaviours. This kind of shit is commonplace. Is this what we seek for life in the 21st century?

There is but one question pertaining:

What are the wider karmic implications of aligning yourself with the Lodge of Materialistic Forces?

Spiritual Life in the New Age

One point I would like here to bring to your attention and that is that the two great groups of divine agents – the Great White Brotherhood and the Lodge of Materialistic Forces – are both of them seeking to divert these energies into channels which will further the ends for which they work and for which they were formed and exist. Therefore, I would ask you to remember that behind all the outer events are these two directing agencies. You have, as a consequence:

1) Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by the light of the intellect, and both of them formulating clearly their objectives, but differing in their direction and their emphasis. One group, under the divine plan, works with the form aspect entirely, and in this group the light of love and of selflessness is absent. The other group is working entirely with the soul or the consciousness aspect, and in this group the doctrine of the heart and the law of love control.
In this connection, the two groups are working in opposition, therefore, upon the mental plane.

2) The plans, which embody these two differing ideals and objectives, are next carried down on to the astral plane, and thus into the world of desire. The lines of demarcation remain ever entirely clear as far as the workers in these two groups are concerned, but are not so clear where ordinary human beings and the world disciples and initiates are concerned. There is much chaos on the plane of desire, and the world Arjuna is today sitting in bewilderment between the two opposing forces or camps, recognizing his relationship both to form and to soul and at the same time wondering where his duty lies. His point in evolution determines his problem.
Thus the two groups are working in opposition upon the plane of desire.

3) The materializing of the plans of these two groups of illumined minds proceeds steadily under the differing laws of their being – the laws of form life and the laws of spiritual living. In this initial stage and whilst the battle is being fought out in the realm of desire (for that is where the major conflict is being waged, and all that is happening upon the physical plane is only a reflection of an inner conflict) the forces of these two groups, working with the energies of the sixth and seventh rays, have brought about in the field of physical living, a state of complete cataclysm. The economic situation and the religious hatreds are the two major instruments. This is a subject upon which you would do well to ponder.

Consequently, you have two groups, two objectives, two great formulated ideals, two streams of active energy and two rays predominantly in conflict, thus producing the differing ideologies. The result of this dualism is the external chaos, the differentiation of the two group ideals into the many human experiments, and the resultant ranging of the entire human family under many banners, which testify to the various viewpoints in the many fields of thought – political, religious, economic, social, educational and philosophical. The result of all this conflict is, I would tell you, definitely good, and it demonstrates the steady achievement of the Great White Lodge. The consciousness of humanity has been definitely expanded and the whole world of men at this time is thinking. This is a totally new phenomenon and a fresh experience in the life of the human soul. The first result of all the turmoil has been to shift the focus of human attention on to the mental plane and thereby nearer to the sources of light and love.

It is right here and in connection with this eventful change of focus that the world disciples can shoulder responsibility and proceed to active work. When I here speak of disciples, I am using the term in connection with all who aspire to true humanity, to brotherhood, and to the living expression of the higher and spiritual values. I am not using it altogether in the technical sense, which involves a recognized relation to the Hierarchy through the grades of probationary or accepted discipleship, though these are included in my thought. I refer to all aspirants and to all who have any sense of true values and an urge to meet the world’s need.

The Destiny of the Nations – Spiritual Life in the New Age
Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul

Are You Important?

This is an interesting question and the nature of the answer will depend very much on where you find yourself in life, your self-esteem level and your notion of what reality entails. You may deem yourself important, a big cheese, a big deal, but how you see yourself may differ from the views of others. There are many who have an inflated opinion and others who go to the opposite pole, worthlessness. Having said this an entire machine can stop working at the failing of a cog, or an “o” ring. Some things which do not at first seem important can be vital.

Perhaps the related question; “do you consider yourself to be important?” is easier to answer. For it stands to reason that on the cosmic scale each of us is very unimportant, we are ~ 2 meters tall, after all. The universe is quite a big bigger than we are.

If we deem ourselves to be important we expect to be treated like a VIP, to get preferential treatment and to have our will be done. We may even have a sense of entitlement, somehow it is our right. Everything should fall into place according to our plans, not for us waiting in line. With our importance we may assume a level of knowledge and understanding which is not warranted. It is a strange thing this importance. There are many things which we are too important to countenance. We would not run some rods through a blocked drain or speak to a “pleb”.

So here is the question repeated:

Do you consider yourself important?

If so, why, what are your criteria of importance?

If not, why not?


The dream I put up earlier points at a reality, this is that without a recent track record, status and kudos, many will consider you a timewaster. It is not possible that you have anything to offer if you lack these. I am certain that on numerous occasions this thinking has prevailed, in regard of me. Important people only like to deal with other important people. This is a way of the world.

Last year when I was looking into this kind of funding thing, I had a lot of clarity in this respect. In these start-up circles there are many “networking” events perhaps beloved of extroverts and ENTP types. I fucking hate these things with a passion. They are a complete waste of time, for me. If I went on one and had a few shandies, there is a non-zero chance that I might get into trouble. If someone kept talking at me and would not go away I might feel the need to head-butt them, to shut them up. So, it is best for all that I never go to events such as these. Joking aside, what is a good use of time for some is a complete waste of time for others.

Having to chase people up is one of my least favourite things. I have made a mental note never to do this again. It is such a waste of time nagging, persuading, cajoling and harassing people to do something. This “chase me” game is a part of the VC funding landscape. Those in possession of capital will of course get many suitors and there is a power game from the get-go. Prove to me that my money will be used well, and I will get rich. Beg me for the money and if I deem fit, maybe I will let you have a few quid for half your company. This is loosely the script behind Dragons’ Den. There is a power imbalance.

Here is the flaw. Those things, those people, which you might seriously want to invest in may not ever come knocking at the door, or down the business plan pipeline, because they have become or are already disinclined. Which means that the investment portfolios might lack “the one”. I’ll suggest that a good founder might have a “bad attitude” so to speak.

I digress slightly. If you spend all your time kissing frogs hoping for a prince maybe it is time you moved away from the pond. Unless you are kinky for frogs, it can be a waste of time.

Having cued this up:

Do I waste time, if so why?

Do I know myself well enough to know what does not work for me?

What are my disinclinations and where do they come from?

Is time an infinite commodity?

Maleness Courses?

Now that I am back to about 95% after the Martian flu, I am starting to kick ideas around as to what to do next. I am pretty good at course design and this idea of “Maleness” courses came to mind. I don’t think most are overly concerned about things spiritual, rather the concerns lie closer to home. In the coffee shop in town there were two women, about my age, discussing their internet dating profiles and this points at something. From what I overheard they were both divorced. This means that like so many of us, they will go into whatever next with baggage. Relationships break down and do not last. They may well be superficial and based around what I call relational negotiation. In a heterosexual sense one half of a relationship has male gender, is does not mean that they are masculine or expresses “maleness”.

No matter how powerful and successful you may appear, there is still this thorny issue of intimate relationship, without which it can be difficult to feel whole and “settled”. You may be a big cheese, but your intimate relationship can still be a mess and far from satisfactory.

Because I live in my “yogi’s cave” I am pretty much cut off from the modern world and its concerns. I don’t know all that much about the currency and I am not a social media user (blog excluded). It seems to me that body image is a way bigger concern now than it was. A well-manicured hipster beard does not make you exude maleness, nor do throbbing biceps. At first pass and from a business angle, there could be mileage in developing “maleness” courses, if only to get people talking about it. Obviously, we would have to sit on bean bags and eat quiche. Joking aside it looks a tricky thing to start thinking about.

How might one even get things started?

I sense a frustration in women about men. Whilst there is a range of what people like, I am not sure that women find mothering their partners all that attractive. Nor would they like an overly domineering man. It is perhaps again about balancing. Perhaps we need an entirely new notion of masculinity?

Books on such a subject might sell, but maybe one would have to title it well so that one could have it on the bookshelf without attracting piss-taking.

How, outside of a counselling environment, might one begin to address this insecurity? Maybe there is a pent-up need to talk, hidden beneath the beer, football and shagging; under the Top Gear obsession and swagger?

It must be about getting men to open their hearts, at least a little; to get them out of the bullshit and comparison mind. Which of course would lead full circle back into some notion of “spirituality”.