In The Age of Goats

We can be asked what our position on something is, what our stance is. For some reason we must opine and defend said opinion. The press wants to report what people say on “issues” such as sexual abuse in Hollywood. We might be asked about Brexit {oh please no not again, can you give me the address of Dignitas?} or vegetarianism, you name it we can be asked to take a stance. And once we have done that we can butt heads with other goats, just as we are supposed to. There is a shed load of posturing. It is tiring, and wasteful.

The problem is that this is the age of Aquarius and not the age of goats.

Most people don’t know how to be water, many know how to be goats. If a goat is seeking to butt heads with water, what happens? We get a splash and that is about it. Neither the goat or the water gets hurt. The goat might be a little bemused, frustrated even, but that is about as far as the damage goes.

There are a lot of stubborn people out there, who are so convinced that they are right. People refer to the goat-stance of others for vindication, “look Billy says this so it must be true”. “But Nanny say this…”

And once people have taken a stance, spun a line, which they have shared widely with others, they will not budge. Because to do so would be to lose face. They will stand firm to their line even when it starts to rain.

It is a load of old goats…..

With Cunning, Before God

If you don’t believe in God, you might treat this as a metaphor or replace God with “The Universe”.

Imagine at end of days as you pass from this world into the next, there you are naked in your Soul, your essence. God is there with you and he says:

“Welcome home, my son (daughter). Tell me of your travels, of your earthly sojourn, what have you to offer me? What have you garnered there on that, the bluest of all planets?”

“Father, I have had many victories, my guile and my cunning, helped me win these. I earned much money, fame and kudos. Amongst my fellows I held power and dominion. I collected many things and hoarded them. I knew love, but not deep love. I used people Father, to achieve my aims. I took much but gave little. I was skilled in manipulation and in politics. Well did I learn these ways.”

“My son, is that all you have to offer me? Did you not learn of kindness, of compassion and of service?”

“But Father I wanted so badly to impress you, to show my power and my glory. Have I not done this? Am I now not worthy of Your love?”

“My foolish child, of course you are! But it saddens me, your choices. When I sent you into the world, I had such hope. There is more to life than being impressive and seeking attention, how could you miss this? In all your cunning you did not learn to be wise…..”

As an exercise:

Imagine the conversation that you might have with God, or The Universe, at the end of your days.