Relax and Don’t Freak Out

Modern living can be very high-octane, charging about, rushing and freaking out about the slightest thing. The trouble is that when we freak out we stop thinking clearly; when we are all het up, we make quick and often poor decisions. Life throws things at us and if we relax, we manage what it throws, better. At the danger of stereotype, when people from the town or the city visit us, I know that it takes more than a day for them to calm the fuck down, to get into a new rhythm. So before I can give them a piece of straw to suck on as we watch sunset over the garden gate, they need to chill out and let some of the drama fade. It fights a rearguard through the broadband. City-folk have strange ways..

Unless we can relax into the process of life we are forever a short stone’s throw from panic, which means that in our need for immediacy we miss so very much.

Having cued this up:

If I relaxed and stopped freaking out about the merest thing, would my life be easier?

Would I make better decisions?

Are You Special?

Do you deserve special treatment?

If you think yourself special, very important, then as medicine for this affliction I can recommend making multiple telephone calls to call centres around the world to ask for help and assistance, particularly when due to some imagined circumstance or other, they are experiencing, “higher than normal call volumes”.

Joking aside, there is a tendency to get all het up, if we don’t get what we want, when we want it. Life is so unfair!!  This can cause apoplexy of varying degrees. The more special you perceive yourself to be the greater the apoplexy. There are many instances in modern life with which to test our patience and forbearance.

Now some people like to consider themselves special and want to be ranked on the scale of special-ness, hopefully somewhere near the top. That way they can brag to their friends about how very special they are, especially those friends whom they consider to be rivals on the ladder of special-ness.

To determine if you are a special being or not. Here are some questions:

Do I get upset when I don’t get my own way?

What simple things are beneath me?

Do I not get enough recognition for my special-ness?

Why can’t they see?

Is it all a bit unfair?

Waiting It Out

One of the benefits of a little life experience is that you learn to “wait it out”. Whatever it is, it will change. Quite how it is going to change, you can’t be sure. One might call this forbearance, a quality perhaps scarce in our modern-day. I have been waiting this Martian flu out and finally after nearly four weeks it seems to be going. In the Bodhicaryāvatāra, a man who might know a few things about it, Śāntideva, has a whole chapter on it, Perfection of Forbearance. Reading between the lines, he was urging himself, talking himself into it.

I am of the opinion that our immediacy culture, is not good, in the long-term. We lose patience with things so very quickly. As a consequence, we only scratch the surface. There is no depth and things are shallow and not profound.

When we get impatient, we suffer. You can see it in traffic jams, supermarket queues and the classroom. If we don’t “get” it there is a tendency to give up. It must be now, or we pout and sulk. This means that we must consume vast quantities of trite stuff. We aren’t satisfied. So, we suffer.

We aren’t prepared to wait things out, so we get all het up.

Having cued this up:

Am I a tad impatient from time to time?

Does this waste time?

Could I benefit from cultivating some more forbearance?

Prejudice and Illusion

There are many historical precedents for scientists being interested in magic and alchemy. Though this side is rarely talked about. If I were to start speaking about pentagrams at a conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy of SiGe Heterostructures, it is likely that I would be tarred and feathered, or simply ridiculed. I have a seventh ray personality, so I am interested in things magical. There is an illusion, born out of prejudice and ignorance, that pentagrams exclusively mean black magic, no not the chocolates. And such things can scare the bejesus out of allegedly rational and sane people. To be scared, a priori, is a bit silly. Da Vinci draws the pentagram, the symbol of man.

If you look at the post previous, the seventh ray is the ray of entrepreneurship.

Wherever there is prejudice there is some level of illusion about the target of prejudice. People don’t know, they have already made their mind up, without inquiry and by definition, there is some illusion about the subject. If people could admit that there was even the tiniest smidgeon of chance that they may not know, it might help. But people are convinced without basis for that conviction.

Because so much weight is placed upon the physical form, some imagine themselves to be just that. They worry about the appearance of their body and its function. If you have any understanding of how light interacts with matter then, if your thinking is joined up, you cannot stress quite so much about how light reflects off the surface of the soft-wet matter which is your body. The photons from which go into the eyes of other beings or reflect off some mirrored glass and back into your eye. Your awareness operates through the means of a blob of soft-wet matter, how can one blob of matter be any more “attractive” than any other? It is mental. The illusion is all in the mind, or rather the internal dialogue. The image of the reflected photons is made in mind, we assimilate it and compare it. The image is man or woman made. If you apply various powders and dyes, you have altered the spectral reflectivity of your blob, temporarily. If you apply some organic compounds with moderate vapour pressures, perfumes, does that make the underlying being more attractive? No. It is just a game. And one that some people take so very seriously. People spend a lot of money on illusion and there is much prejudice about what is and isn’t attractive. Irrespective of all that crap, most people manage to find a mate or partner. Amazing…

People get all het up about illusions. They have some preconceived ideas which can get in the way of being. It is hard to be, when you are up in brain-mind inundated with prejudices.

Mostly in the Mundane

Now if ever there was a title to a blog post that is unlikely to be click-bait, this is it. Which speaks volumes. For that love of glamour, juicy gossip, shock, wow factor and titillation can lead people away from where the real business of learning and evolution lies; mostly in the mundane. It is a difficult sale, a hard pitch, this mundane thing. Yet here is where it is all at, in the day to day, not in some ceremony atop a mountain or in a secret cave, a hidden grotto or at the end of some long and tortuous encrypted code, deciphered at a cost to sanity. What you need to learn and the means to do this is already with you, all around and just under your nose. It is so simple, that it is hard to believe.

The signs are there, if you get impatient and frustrated in a traffic jam, what does that point at? If someone says something and you get all offended, what does that suggest? If you find yourself drooling at something an advertiser tempts you with, how real are you?

There it is, all around you, the classroom proffered by the universe and your fellow men. Anything which causes you to lose your centre, to go all drama queen and justified, shows work to be done. It is socially acceptable to moan about traffic jams, they simply should not be there. But the experimental evidence is that they are and frequently so. They are a day to day thing. There is simply no point, no purpose, in getting all het up about it. Quite why one gets het up may vary from person to person. And this is where the richness is. Hunting or stalking your perception and behaviours can lead to a greater understanding. Not-doing all the same old, can be difficult. But in not-doing and the feelings and emotions it evokes, much can be learned.

There is a story, I don’t know if it is true, it goes something like this. When asked about past lives and the karma therefrom, Siddhārtha said that all one needed to do was look at the present life. {Everything one needs is already here, no need for speculation on how it came about, simple work with what you have got.}

This is where it is at, mostly in the mundane.