Elevate Your Mind – Free Your Soul

Nothing wrong with the car so I am now home after some errands and have taken some more codeine. I won’t be driving again today. It’ll probably come up while I am writing this.

If you are forever stuck on the plane of petty ME based bickering what does that say about your state of evolution?

It means that you have trouble rising above, uplifting yourself and are eternally making me based demands. You cannot get past your selfishness. You are having trouble elevating your mind and thereby freeing your soul. But this desert, this vast barren plateau of arguing the toss and petty concerns is where the vast bulk of humanity is at. It cannot let things go, it has to seek revenge. It is perennially opining and wanting to win the argument, the battle, the debate. But most of all, in this harsh desert, the petty self wants to score points. It is a bit sad.

On this plane are to be found minds with the potential to rise above, but they won’t. They must fight their corner, state their case in the hope of victory. In fact, they have lost, they have lost the battle with the self. It has won, and it keeps them there bickering and squabbling. Unless one can rise above this, there one remains.

There is only one way out and that is to Elevate Your Mind – Free Your Soul. In doing this you drop all the petty crap and boy will you feel so much lighter, there will be less needless conflict and the world will be unencumbered with the harsh strident cries of people squabbling and positioning. Humanity as a whole needs to evolve past this point. It needs to stop obsessing about who is right and who is wrong. And maybe, just maybe, it needs to leave the kindergarten and actually figure out how to cooperate, to listen and even be friendly.

But that ME is so very strident and to let go of ME is beyond the capacity of many, some might but they stubbornly refuse.

Here is a mantra, chant it and see if it helps:

Elevate my mind – free my soul.

Not Forcing Things

Do you ever try to force things?

In our times people seem to like to be sold an idea, a concept and otherwise be convinced. There is a whole lot of convincing going on. This is partly due to closed minds and partly to do with fondness for argument and bickering. This means that one can often face an uphill struggle. If one is ambitious one may try to force things, to persuade and otherwise get a point across. There is a hint of desire for victory. I am very wary of this prove-it-to-me mind-set, because if someone is so oriented it is likely to be a waste of time. The same can go for getting things done, if there is no willingness, it will be very hard work. Yet you can see people trying to force things all over, that square peg must be forced into the round hole. People want their will done.

When I am exploring a situation I tend to take the temperature, so to speak. If it is warm, we are good to proceed a little. If it is cold, then walk away. One can quite quickly ascertain if things look like a no-go, or an uphill struggle. Life is a little too short to be smacking your head against a brick wall. I have more of a philosophy of flow, if it flows it was probably meant to happen, if not, then move on. Some like the idea of overcoming obstacles, hurdles, it can give a sence of achievement to jump these or smash through them.

Having cued this up:

Do I ever try to force things?

If so, why?

Do I prefer to overcome obstacles or go with the flow?

Can I tell when the temperature is icy-cold?

Entirely the Wrong Battle

Your victory
Was so complete
That some among you
Thought to keep

A record of
Our little lives

This song has been playing in my head, on and off, since we started watching the second series of True Detective and it speaks to me. It says many things.

Over the course of my life I have perceived, on very many occasions, that certain individuals have wanted to “beat” me in some way or another. It has become personal and they want to score points, “win”, get one over on me, and even destroy me. Just so long as they come up “victor” and I come out the “vanquished”. I have looked at this in a detached way and insofar as I can tell my perceptions were and are accurate in this respect. And in many cases, they have had their victory. As a consequence, I am now powerless, there is virtually nothing I can do on the physical plane and even were there, I am now disinclined. Many of these situations were very petty.

How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.

I am not a big fan of contention. I am even less of a fan of bickering, squabbling and arguing the toss for the sake of the toss. I am not fond of “tossers”. I know I should be compassionate to all beings but hey, I am not perfect. As a rule of thumb, I walk away.

I suspect that in many cases these individuals were fighting entirely the wrong battle. Instead of looking at themselves they sought to have a go at me. Maybe I was, at least temporarily, enemy #1 in their eyes, minds and hearts. Angry people don’t see so good. They can damage that which they need.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever wanted badly to “beat” another being?

Did this desire, to an extent, consume me?

Was I satisfied when I won?

Is there a nanoparticle of chance that I was fighting entirely the wrong battle?

Winning the Argument

Depending on your current orientation you may or may not like arguing and it might be important for you to be the victor in the argument. If you want to take the heat out of “argument” you might call it a debate or a discussion. But even in these there are many who like to win or have apparent victory. Perhaps that racks up some kudos points of some other weird thing.

Generally, one of the first things to fly out of the window in situations of argument is listening, often the desire to win or brow beat the other takes ascendancy and very quickly it becomes confrontational as opposed to cooperative. Take a look at the baying and bickering which goes on in the House of Commons, for example. It doesn’t seem all that intelligent to me and it gets petty quickly.

In the heat of “debate” so often we get argument and bickering, people can become adamant about the most ridiculous of things. The red-mist takes over and winning becomes paramount even if that means damage to or loss of relationship. This desire to be “right” overtakes reason.

Once you encounter such a situation you have two choices; to bicker or walk away.

Having cued this up?

Do I like to win arguments?

If so, why?

What purpose does it serve to be crowned victor?

Do I know anyone seemingly obsessed with winning arguments?

Our Own Worst Enemies?

We can be undone by our own “cleverness” because this leads us often into undue complexity and overthinking. Some of our “bright ideas” are not so bright but once we have committed to them, there is a tendency to persist even after they start to look a bit silly. There is a weird stubbornness about; “I have started so I’ll finish”. We want it all and are beset by both and thinking. Which can on occasion lead directly to neither. Because of our fear of missing out we may over commit and spread ourselves too thinly. {Not that I would ever do such a stupid thing 😉.} It comes down to making at least a few decisions and learning to say NO. Whether you believe it or not, NO is a magical word. Sometimes we simply have to let go and walk away from a situation which is past redemption. But this can be difficult to do and so we let things drag on.

It is my observation that people prefer to give advice more than to take it. Even if the advice they give to others applies to the giver. We have the fat doctor or nurse encouraging us to lose weight. And I get loads of advice, sometimes from complete strangers in the street, about stopping smoking. To date I haven’t smacked one, though I might one day just to see what happens. There is a reverse psychology associated with advice, people might do the exact opposite just to give you the bird. Over the years I have pretty much stopped giving in-person advice because it is unwelcome unless solicited. What I have hinted at here is the shoot the messenger mentality. In most of us there is at least some “I know best” tendency which cannot be universally true. We, because of this mentality, immediately jettison things which we could learn or benefit from.

I’ll hazard a guess that most prefer complexity over simplicity, if it is complex then it must be wise. Yet complexity and clarity are not the same. It is possible that simplicity might just be wiser than complexity, at least in some cases. But clarity, the cold light of day, can be uncomfortable, there is no room to argue the toss. It is simple and clear, end of.

Having cued this up

Is it remotely possible that I have the smallest tendency to unnecessarily over complicate things a little?

Why am I afraid of clarity?

Is it because clarity often points directly at a pending decision?

Despite the hordes of enemies already out there could it be that I am my own worst enemy?

Are You Reasonable?

Many think that being reasonable is a good thing, they may even aspire to the accolade of reasonable man, thinking that this might imply a sound, comprehensive faculty of discernment and weighing all the angles of an argument. But reason only goes so far, so often it merges with excuse and justification. And these have to be sold to others. It takes a brave man to point out that a justification is not the same as something fully reasoned. There is a major fallacy associated with reason and this is that almost inevitably it is based in a socio-political context. The two things are inextricably linked, because reason has to it the normative basis of what society deems reasonable. As a consequence, reason, strange as it may seem, can be causal of atrocity. If we don’t like the way a bunch of a-rabs are behaving then it is reasonable to effect regime change which causes death, destruction and a massive migration crisis; which in turns leads to unrest at home. Reason is not infallible and more often it is a way of arguing for something we want, seek or desire. It is a pretend pseudo-logic used to justify.

Reason is a tool for manipulation, it lies aback the salesman’s pitch and the advertiser’s enticement. The reason for using this lovely fifteen compartment washing capsule is that it is so much better and more convenient than our competitor. Their washing capsule has only fourteen compartments, Q.E.D., our capsule is better, and you need to pay that little bit extra to join the enlightened users of the novel quantum chromodynamic washing system. Should you do this instantaneously you will be transformed into a model, a sex goddess and a perfect mum, who will be the envy of all and sundry.

OK, I have over-egged this, but do you get the idea? Reason can be used to manipulate.

Reason can have a convenient and expedient, self or group centred myopia.

What is reasonable in one socio-political context, is unreasonable in another. And reason has a poor memory, it is also selective. For example, many claim to be Christian and unless I am mistaken vengeance is not a Christian value. Yet we have people, claiming to be Christian insisting that it is fair that a child murder be punished as an adult and for life in the USA. The victim can no longer walk the earth; therefore, the perpetrator must be locked away until they die. The reasoning is faulty. It is used to manipulate a desired outcome, in this case vengeance. It is not fair that the perpetrator should be free, ever.

Attached to this notion of reason is this equally bizarre notion of fair. Many a highly paid executive justifies an inflated salary on grounds of fairness, but it is a selective justification in which the more able arguer wins a greater salary. What is fair can be only in the eyes of the person making this claim. Everybody else is wrong. If one is using reason, it is not reasonable that there is such a huge pay differential. It is skewed, but the skewing need not be so marked. To be true some are simply greedy bastards.

To be reasonable, is to be malleable, able to be reasoned. One can be persuaded, influenced, convinced, manipulated, brainwashed and brow beaten by reasons. The peer group and this “social consensus” thingamajig is a major component of reason. It is man-made and as a certain Vulcan might say, illogical.

At the back of reason there is often an agenda, simple as.

Having perhaps tainted this notion of reason:

Am I a reasonable being?

Is this a good thing?

Has my reason ever gotten me into trouble?

Is reason comprehensive and all encompassing?

It’s Always the Quiet Ones….

Last night I was watching a George Carlin sketch on You Tube, it was about all the stupid things we say without thinking about them. One of his targets was; “It’s always the quiet ones that you have got to watch”. Obviously, we are all proto-axe-wielding-maniac-mass-killers who are not popular with the neighbours. It is always reported thus on the news. Many popular people have done heinous things, though somehow this isn’t mentioned, their popularity. Believe it or not on a number of occasions people have actually said this shit to me, “it’s always the quiet ones that you have got to watch”, with a wink implied or actual, where I am “the quiet one”. Apart from thinking “what a wanker”, what can one do? Well one can remain silent. On rugby tour I stayed up late in the bar on the ferry chatting to some young ladies with my poor French. We were still talking when the others surfaced. They imagined many things, when nothing had in fact happened. “It’s always the quiet ones that you have got to watch”, wink wink, nudge nudge, one said to me. As it happens, I got invited to a Christian group in France as a result of our philosophical discussions. Later on that tour, I escorted the not-so-quiet-ones out of a possible stabbing by a pimp, away from the gendarmes and back to the hotel. It wasn’t me the proto-axe-wielding-maniac-mass-killer who was in danger of causing trouble.

There is a thing whereby people assume that silence is agreement. Now we proto-axe-wielding-maniac-mass-killers do not always feel the need to argue the toss. We may disagree and never voice our disagreement, we are definitely not “on board”, most often we are waiting for the noise to stop. I can think of many times where people have gone away convinced that I was “on board” when I have been anything but. All I have done is increased their Trip Advisor wanker star rating in my mind. They are on their own trip and good luck to them. I do not wish to travel with them. In fact, this has led to a number of misconceptions down the years, some of which have caused big problems.

I am getting around to the subject of control. People like to control certain situations and people. I am not quite sure why, but this is my observation. So, they try to get everyone “on board” or some such thing. They may talk at you, about you and all that kind of shit. They may assume that they have you under control and have your agreement. The may think that they have the situation under control and that they have a grip on what is going on. Way back when I did a start-up, the VCs insisted on various control clauses in the legal documentation. Right then their Trip Advisor star rating started going up and I was losing interest from the get go. I was offended, back then. It was a de-motivating thing for me. They could watch me all they liked, but I can be poker faced. Unimpressed, I was.

The phrase; “It’s always the quiet ones that you have got to watch” is wrong. It should read, “It’s always the quiet ones that you have got to ask.”

That is unless you are a skilled empath or telepath, which most of us aren’t.