Those Busybody Interventions

In line with dream I have “planted” Yggdrasil here on the blog and the notion of the shamanic cosmos containing many worlds. I suspect there are many realities, where each person carries with them their own version of the “world” and there may even be some commonalities amongst these reality-versions. What really goes on in the head of another being is not really known to us and we all make a number of assumptions about it. That temptation to intervene is strong and the British have a history of intervening. We know best so we can teach the wogs and those bally foreigners how things should be done, instil some British values, whatever the fuck these might now be. This “patrician” we know best what is good for you, is not a rare sentiment and if we are so afflicted we can make plans for other people.

To paint a picture; imagine a couple in the early stages of a relationship where there is still that novelty. They have single friends, one of each sex. It occurs to the couple that these two might be a perfect match for each other. So, they go about trying to fix them up. They create a scenario where these two are forced to meet. They manipulate such a meeting into being. They have intervened. Where might this scenario go? Does it pan out according to the cunning plan and they skip off happily ever after into the sunset? Or does the male in the scenario take an axe to the female and dump her chopped up body in the canal? It is likely that the couple will not have considered the latter scenario before they intervene. Being busybodies, the couple simply could not resist messing about with the lives of people whom they deemed as friends. We all know best, don’t we? There is a terrible propensity for making plans for other people without asking them if indeed they would like such an intervention.

It is possible to intervene in the lives of others and fuck things up badly for them. We know best what is good for other countries and so we upset the balance and the situation becomes chaotic.

I am very wary about intervening directly in the lives of others because that intervention may have unpredictable effects. I don’t like inflicting myself. The good thing about a blog is that if anyone doesn’t like what they are reading all they have to do is click away. The interaction between my world and theirs is severed easily. Our worlds need not overlap for more than a few minutes, so their world does not leak into mine and mine does not leak overmuch into theirs. If one wants more of my world then all one has to do is read a little more, which is entirely voluntary. I am not standing behind you with a gun. It is up to you and not me.

But when we make a busybody intervention that factor of choice and voluntary participation is not there, and specifically so if there has been no consultation. The busybody intervention has been inflicted and forced on the situation. Guess why? Because we know best.

These busybody interventions can and do backfire.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever made a busybody intervention in the life of another being?

Has one or more of these interventions gone wrong?

Might I be more reticent about intervening in the lives of other beings in the future?

Do I really know best?

Overthinking and Catastrophe

You may have noticed that I have introduced “strategy” recently. There is a mild air of piss-taking on my part in so doing, because certain people are enamoured by this idea of “strategy” and of plans, cunning or otherwise. Such people do not like to lose the advantage, the upper hand and stuff like that. They like to play it cool, gather the information, the intelligence, before they do anything. When they think they have an angle they may finally choose to do something. One could say that certain types are prone to overthinking. And others yet are subject to mental catastrophe generation because of this overthinking. In stead of being in the land of “if only” they are caught in the land of “what if”. The problem is that many of the roads in the land of “what if” lead directly over the border into the land of “if only”. If you are susceptible to catastrophising, you can remain stuck and by default generate that which you fear. Only it won’t quite be the full-on catastrophe you imagined, it might be a shame, a missed possibility. Playing it cool can lose you many things.

If you are forever waiting for the advantage and scheming, it may come to the attention of others. They might wonder why you are so very insecure. And lo and behold, you have revealed your strategic weakness, a deep insecurity. Some strategies can backfire. Of course, if you are prone to overthinking, you might overthink what I have just said. You may even start to wonder how many of your strategies have revealed something about yourself which you may have wished to remain covert.

One could say that it is not a good strategy to be overly strategic. Sometimes you just have to do something. Maybe even take a risk. But while the sky is full of imminent catastrophes, it can be difficult to move. Time runs out. In this respect intellect can become your enemy.

Having cued this up:

Do I often seek a perceived strategic advantage before I do anything?

Why must I have this edge, this angle?

What is so very scary about a level playing field?

Am I more than a little prone to overthinking?

In the final analysis does this serve me well?

Chain Reactions and Consequences

Last night we watched a film called Green Zone in that film a unit of soldiers was sent to investigate the Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD) alleged to have been in Iraq. This premise was used to “justify” the invasion and bloodshed. Behind this justification were of course the Egos of a number of people and a lingering US desire for vengeance and punishment. It is fair to speculate that even today we are dealing with a chain reaction, sparked, and the consequences thereof. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found, though they were a part of the sales pitch for war. This regime change mentality pervaded for a while and the middle east has continued to be a tinderbox ever since, with knock on effects for domestic security. People can justify a whole bunch of stuff, retrospectively even the grounds for that “justification” can be found to be made up. If we use the same “logic” then by rights the USA should now invade North Korea because it doesn’t like the leadership and from what we are told, it has a limited nuclear capability. We hear a lot about it. North Korea isn’t full of Arabs and middle eastern types and is next door to China, Japan and South Korea. These are markets with big economies. If there was a war on that peninsula we would not get our cheap consumer goods so easily. So, the justification used to invade Iraq is not so compelling when there may be an economic impact in Asia. The actuality of WMD has made some people think a little more.

I think the only safe thing to say about the middle east is that it is a tinderbox and one that is not amenable to solution anytime soon. Attempts to inflict things there nearly always tend to go wrong. It is more “interesting” than Africa because of the oil, the scars there run deep, and grudges are long held. But this does not stop people coming up with “bright ideas” and “cunning plans”. People in their minds have a fondness for inflicting these, with sparse justification and usually without consideration of the consequences. They set off a chain reaction which need never have been initiated were it not for the desire for personal advancement somewhere.

This dabbling in the world is common and exists in the day to day, away from geo-politics. The thing about chain reactions is that they can spiral out of control and quickly so. But humans seemingly can justify all sorts of things to themselves without considering the knock-on effects. One may not have sight of the consequences but that does not matter when a justification looms large and tempting. When a chain reaction has started to spiral, it is far reaching. And all it takes is a spark, which may be tiny. In the more local theatre of the day to day, one may say or do something stupid and before long a whole raft of consequences arrive. The knock-on effects start mounting and mounting. There is bifurcation after bifurcation. All one can hope to do is to manage the incoming shit storm and tidy up the mess as it appears.

This is cause and effect or karma. Once a chain reaction has been initiated the consequences amplify and mount. If the motive is / was dodgy, the karmic impact is high. Those “bright ideas” may not be so bright after all. The idea that one can control or contain a chain reaction is something of a fallacy. In the lab it can be controlled in the world it cannot. This is because of the interdependency of life.

At the moment I feel that the world has lost direction, there are a lot of firefights going on, trying to deal with the consequences of dabbling. There is not much accord, and some are even being pulled out of.  Is the world really heading towards a massive Twitter spat backed up by munitions? I hope not. Yup human Ego, is such a great thing, for it lies at the root of many of the problems of humanity. That desire to dabble in the lives of other beings is strong in some, after all we know best and our world-version is the one we are entitled to inflict upon others, irrespective of consequence.

One never knows when a seemingly small act can start a chain reaction. An “injured” Ego, a nose out of joint and bang…

Is it really all about goats?

Hmnn.. it probably is….

What Fries Your Brain?

And no, I am not talking about puzzles, quantum mechanics or freaks of nature. I am referring to the more mundane, the day to day. There are a set of rules, commonly held, about how life situations are meant to evolve. Things are supposed to go one way according to some set of precedents. There is a sense of established patterns, a kind of predictable causality. “If I do this then so and so is likely to do that”. There is a kind of protocol, that may work. Many attempt to manipulate situations according to an established method with a view to a particular outcome. We have the “cunning plans” of Baldrick and Black Adder. In TV land there is a comedic outcome, in reality when things don’t pan out, it can fry your brain, blow your mind.

This supposition can lead to a “what the fuck just happened?” moment.

These quirks, these unexpected things, can really mess with the set of world-rules which people have. There ought to be some kind of reliable trajectory of causality, some predictability even certainty. Humanity, as a whole, is coming to terms with an end of certainty in so many spheres. Yet there is still marked complacency in regard of the general applicability of world-rules. Life is more volatile these days.

When cunning plans go wrong, as they can do, people can be crest fallen. Life, for whatever reason, does not comply with the terms which we seek to foist upon it. Many persist in trying to shoe horn their terms onto life, to make it fit the shoe of their expectations. The universe can throw multiple spanners in. The narrative of how it should be, can fail. And even should it fail people do not like, how it is.  This conflict between the actuality of is and the insistence of should, causes suffering and angst.

Sometimes, in life, it is just like this and not how we deem it meant to be.