Lies and Karma

Yesterday I used the analogy of “being sold a pup” and “a dog is for life and not just for Christmas” to open up this topic. Lies can have very dramatic effect on the flow of events in life and many of them are by way of a ticking time bomb. The effects are two-fold in the first instance, they are on the purveyor and the purchaser. For lies do have to be sold and bought. Secondly lies ripple out from the source, they can impact many lives. Depending on the circumstance and nature of the lie, the effects can be very wide ranging indeed. Some lies do have the potential to explode and messily so. Some are nuclear and there can be a great deal of fallout. The longer a lie is left to fester and grow, the bigger the impact it can have. A lie nipped in the bud, generally causes less harm than one which grows, for lies often need to be propped up by more lies, there is a snowball effect.

I think it fair to say that lying never breeds goodwill in the long-term. A lie may get you power, but they do not bring peace or happiness. Some people can live a lie and with a lie for decades. It taints their lives, both on the side of the seller and the buyer. There is always the possibility of being found out, and this creates tension and edginess. And should the buyer find out, they may be very unhappy indeed. If you have made a business decision on the basis of lies told and it costs you hundreds of millions of dollars, it is unlikely that you will be a happy bunny. The truth isn’t elastic, it can’t be stretched all that much before it snaps.

Lies breed mistrust and this creates an atmosphere, unpleasant in nature. And when trust is lost it cannot be restored fully, it lingers. Many lies come back to haunt or bite in the ass, we have the weapons of mass destruction lie. There were none, but the lie itself caused mass destruction, literally. And this haunts the tellers and promoters of that lie, to this day. It was for life and not just for Christmas. There is always some belief that you can get away with it and whilst the lie may remain undiscovered by fellow humans all the way to the grave, it colours life and changes the quality of it. Although one might hoodwink humans, one can’t hoodwink karma. All causes have effects. The longer a lie is left to stand and grow, the bigger the karmic effect. It takes a lot of courage to undo a lie and most are lacking this courage. And if you convolve others in a lie, they too are forced to prop it up, because they would prefer to do this over looking foolish and gullible. People do not like having their judgement questioned even when it has not been sound.

Quite why people lie varies. It can be through ambition, for some gain, or to impress. It can be to cover something dodgy one is doing. It can be to exact revenge by defamation and rumour. It can be to avoid hurting someone, though the pain can be made worse by such “charitable” action. And there is military deception which is a tactic of warfare. By the time one is at war there isn’t any goodwill left, so that is not at risk. Some lie, because they like playing games and it gives them a buzz, some excitement in an otherwise dreary life. Others lie because they cannot yet face the truth. Self-deception is the most common form of lie, we may not be able to face the truth about our situation or relationship. The Jeremy Kyle show is full of lies coming home to roost.

The karma of lies has their viral properties inherent. Lies tend to spread and mutate. Most of all they infect and cause dis-ease. Something is off and at one level we all sense this. And once the infection has taken hold it can be very difficult to shift. Lies are like a viral time bomb that can blow up in the lives of both the seller and the buyer, from which there can be much fallout.

Lies are never for the benefit of all sentient beings, they are selfish, often arrogant and cause separation. They are a debt which accrues interest at the bank of karma. Sooner of later karma sends the bailiffs round.

Traps of Our Own Making

By trap here, I am referring to difficult situations, that are hard to handle or cope with. Many of these are of our own manufacture. They are rich with learning, because in order to extract ourselves from the trap, we need to learn alternative ways of being and thinking. As a rough rule of thumb, the opposite approach to that which got us into the trap is needed. But this must not be lip-service, it must be genuine. If arrogance got you in, genuine humility might get you out. If dishonesty dug the hole, honesty is the ladder out. If cunning and complexity constructed the spring-loaded jaws, simplicity and straightforward-ness eases them apart. If greed makes the fist hold tight on the biscuit in the jar, then letting go means the hand can be pulled out, before the villagers beat you. I could go on, but maybe you get the gist.

“It could not possible go wrong / happen to me, I am somehow special” is a common way of walking into a trap of our own making. “I am tough, clever and resourceful, I can handle it”, encourages us to bite off more than we can chew. Nearly always there is a complacency associated as we skip into a trap of our own making. And once we are in such a trap, we may not acknowledge that we are, and it is not uncommon to keep on digging. We make our trap ever deeper. A lie to bolster another lie, whilst it may seem expedient, is not the way out. Everybody has to learn.

These traps of our own making are karma. We have caused them, and they effect.  Blaming others for a trap that we made, does not extract us because only we know for sure, how we got into the trap in the first place. It is only we who have the antidote at hand, it may take a while before we are prepared to open the bottle. We may not wish to take responsibility for our trap, and thereby stay stuck in its quicksand for a very long while. Maybe just before we drown we might seize the antidote. If we are proud, even when we are offered a bough to cling to, we may refuse and prefer to wallow in the sand.

Only when we have had our fill might we be ready and willing to leave a trap of our own making. This can take years. Some take their traps with them to the grave and into the next life.

Repeating Challenges

There are some challenges in life that occur over and over, they revolve and are thematically similar. The personnel and the cast may change, but the basic nature of the challenge remains. There is a major life lesson which we are in need of learning and so long as we fail to learn it, it keeps on coming back. In fact the stakes of the challenge may increase markedly each time. The collateral damage and the pain we cause both to ourselves and others, increases. The universe has decided we need to learn this and it is much bigger than us. The more stubborn we are, the more the universe ramps it up. The thing is we chose the current life in order to learn this lesson, in failing to do this we are resisting our own Soul. Under certain circumstances we are knelt by the universe, it has to bring us to our knees in order for us to see. The more we resist the harsher the lesson becomes. The difficulty of the situation increases and we can be pushed past our brink and close to explosion. Unless we drop our will, the universe continues to press against it. If we must be squashed in order to learn, then squashed we will be.

Some of these challenges are karma from past lives, they are coming fully to fruit. Others are karma from our current life.  The more we try to squirm and wriggle so as to avoid learning or doing that which we need to do, the harder it becomes. We cannot out raise the universe in the poker game of life, it will always have sufficient reserves to call our bluff.

If we have called forth such a challenge, it is no bad thing because we are equipped to cope should we seek to cooperate. It can mean a very major step forward in our evolution. Learning that which we need to learn can unlock a whole new potential, a whole new sphere. But should we insist on digging our heels in, then we are saying fuck off to the universe. Which is not a wise thing to do.

If we fail to resolve the challenge in this lifetime, it will be waiting for us in the next, much amplified. Karma is karma and it has more stamina than any human.

Karma of Redaction and Disappearance.

This subject is a bit odd, I have not long woken from a dream about it, I stepped outside and saw a shooting star in the pre-dawn sky.

It is not uncommon for people to redact part of their lives and certain people therein, from their telling, their narrative. They patch the story, the tale of ABC and make AC where the B is no longer there. The patch is imperfect and a disjoint occurs. There is a dread lest that B rises from the death of redaction because it might interfere with the new life-telling. So long as they do not the A-C will suffice. Much remains unspoken and unresolved. At the disappearance of B the fabric of space-time is no longer contiguous in the recollection.

Whilst B remains gone, the patch holds just about. There are things that cannot be admitted to others or even to self. Should a “sorry” float by in the consciousness it is suppressed so that the justifications can hold fast. As long as the disappeared remains disappeared, life goes on. One day the disappeared may float in off the high plains on a ghostly horse and this is a fear.

The telling gets stronger and before long B never existed and all the things done by B, are attributed to someone else. Provided that B no longer exists, this as an ersatz, can work. The karma of redaction is the possible or actual re-materialisation of the redacted, the appearance of the disappeared. One might see them in a car going the opposite way down a road, or as a face in a crowd. The redacted stamp on their forehead barely visible in the fleeting moment. The no longer existent is struggling to exist, to re-materialise against the weight of the telling.

Weird dream…

Karmic Lenses

I have a developing theory about Karmic lenses and it goes something like this.

There are certain people, beings, who are towards the end of their own mundane evolutionary journey who act as karmic lenses. They focus the workings of karma in and around them. This means that stored up karma is brought to bear and tightly so. There is something about these beings which makes them different and this grates a little with the world. They can sometimes have a handicap which makes their own life challenging and impacts upon the lives of others around them. With the handicap often comes some other gift. The karmic-lens-being makes the most of their life as a major leap in their own evolution and they can either bring out the best or the worst in those around them. They provide an opportunity for a great leap forward and one that is not always taken. Their karmic impact can be widespread, rippling out beyond their immediate circle to a greater or lesser extent.

The more different they are from the norm, the more challenging their own life is. They need to develop great forbearance so as not to be swamped by the challenges they face. As the evolutionary journey progresses the lives get more challenging. The challenges can range through corporeal limitations through to mental angst. The karmic-lens-being has to balance what might seem beyond balance. It can throw the lives around it off kilter and this adds to the challenges faced by the karmic lens. People can turn on the karmic lens and in so doing call forth aspects of their own stored up karma otherwise pent up. The karmic lens releases this karma so that it can manifest.

The magnifying power of karmic lenses can range from low to very high. What they all do is bring karma sharply into focus. Rarely are they seen as gifts from the universe, usually the converse, they are seen as banes. The forces of karma see through the lens of the karmic lens being and all around them is observed in fine detail.

Wider Implications

This theme has been with me on and off over the last few hours. Ever since I was a child I have been able to think a little more outside the box than most, a fact which has caused me some grief over the years. I can often see wider implications invisible to others. I sense a wider connectivity if you like. If one points these implications out, it can cause conflict, people don’t like it. At least this is my experience.

Generally, people are more concerned about the local things in their life and what the implications are therein. Nowadays there is a more global outlook, but home concerns still predominate. There have been some fantastic awareness raising TV programmes like Blue Planet. Still money and local economics are important. People have mortgages and careers. Looking at the finances of a situation can provide a kind of clarity. Since I quit all those years ago, I haven’t really paid any taxes because I generally have not earned above the threshold, after expenses. If I had still been employed it would have cost my employer something like £1million to employ me over that time and I would have paid maybe £200k or so into the exchequer. I saved my employer money which they could use elsewhere but this means that the exchequer lost out. In that time, I have not added to the scientific literature nor applied for any patents. I certainly haven’t raised any VC funding. I have cost the health service perhaps £20-30k in cancer treatments. I am in a sense a drain on the economy. This is one example of a wider implication and one tractable to realistic estimates.

When one is in a silo, one tends not to see outside the silo. We haven the frog in the well situation, I wrote about earlier.

Now some wider implications belong to the less measurable, the what might be and the what might have been. What might be is the realm of possibilities and what might have been is those possibilities lost. Over speculation in either direction is not generally a great thing, some retrospective thinking and future scoping can be helpful. It can advise the present. Scoping can vary from narrow to wide and encompassing. I suspect some imagine themselves more visionary than they are. A classic example is Brexit, where a vast amount of bollocks has been opined. The only safe prediction would have been that it would be messy, drawn out and very boring. We still have years of this agony to endure. Wider implication is another way of saying causal ordering of a branching kind. The level of domino effect is impossible to predict, but it is safe to say that there will generally be at least some branching of causal ordering. The more people are involved in something the bigger the ripple. Somethings are more significant than others and that significance may take time to manifest in full. These ripples emanate out from a point source or a causal origination. Many misjudge significance and potential significance.

I have explored some science ideas this year and my assessment has been that I can’t do anything more with them. They have some potential significance which cannot now manifest other than in the negative or lack of sense. Given the effort world wide in this area, it probably won’t matter. There are plenty of clever people out there. So, for me it is just one of those things which I looked into and which has fizzled out, no great shakes. I invested about £2-3K and that was that. At first pass there are no wider implications and there certainly is nothing which can be measured or quantified. The thing is that wider implications often can’t be quantified, this is because they are wide. And here is the problem, if you do see wider implications they can be invisible to others because they don’t stick out above the noise. Unless you have a satellite view of the bigger picture they are difficult to discern.

Joining the dots does not come naturally to most. What one can do is give hints and pointers and let others join the dots, because if one is explicit it is not believed. People generally prefer to argue first and think later. The capacity to negate is better developed than any openness of mind.

I am of course hinting, in this post, at wider implications. And those implications pertain to a wider karma.

All Those Shitty Things…

I am still struggling a little with this book on karma I am trying to write. It is difficult to know where to pitch it. Do I go for an intellectual approach or something which might speak more readily to all? I have been looking for a phrase that sums up how we generate karma, and this is it; all those shitty things we do. We could sub divide it into all those little shitty things we do.

I suspect that at one level everyone knows when they are doing something a little shitty. They may of course justify it away, but there is a kind of feeling a smell even, when we are doing something shitty. Some may become de-sensitized after a while.

The karma we take forward into the next life is the integral over all those shitty things we do in life.

Hmn… this is quite a good way of putting it.