Emanations as a Distance

Often there is a marked difference between what people say and what they emanate. They may be speaking nice things but emanate anger, frustration and ill will. This is particularly true of people who have a strong will. If there will be not done and they can’t get it done, this pisses them off. They can be positively seething and emanate this underlying seething-ness in to the web of life in general or it can be directed at someone in particular. This emanation can be so strong that it can be followed back to a person, to a face and to a name. It need not be a proximal thing. These emanations can be felt at a distance.

Last night I picked up “spin” and a packet of ill-will directed at me.

People who have a lot of personal power give off strong emanations. Many of these have a controlling nature and if they can’t control, they are not happy. They can emanate a distinct displeasure.

It is not a good thing to do…

There is not a lot one can do. One might emanate back, if one was so inclined.

But that simply adds to the toxic waste in the web of life…


When is Something Karmic?

This is very hard to verbalize and speak of in general terms. But I’ll have a go. The first thing to look for is a repeating pattern, where one finds oneself in broadly similar circumstance over and over. This means that you are being shown something for your development and learning. It is also indicative that a whole new approach is needed. If you are forever changing plasters on a wound and it isn’t healing, then plasters are not enough.

By and large it is how we get into situations and our thinking, our ways of approach which causes a repetition of pattern. If we are a bit of a doormat, then we will seek out someone to wipe their feet on us, over and over. If we are a control freak we will look for a minion to control. Sooner or later things come to a head and some kind of crisis or drama starts to unfold. It can take a long while for the penny to drop that we are causing these situations. When we do it can take a long while for us to figure out how and what needs to be done. We may need to get thoroughly sick of the repeating pattern before we have sufficient willingness to do anything about it.

These “global” karmic threads are not so difficult to spot, they can be mighty difficult to unpick. We may have to change our whole approach. But usually it can be something minor, something simple, which helps us unravel the thread. It may be so obvious that we fail to see it. Not that humans tend to overcomplicate at all.

The next key to something karmic is a stubborn longevity. No matter how much we want to sort it out, get it fixed and move on, the darned thing keeps on coming back. This tendency to fix, in an often cosmetic sense never gets to the root of “the problem”. Like a verruca it persists. Until you have dug up the root it has longevity.

Some of the things we want to resolve, cannot actually be resolved. The challenge may then be simply to let it go and stop trying to sort it out. This in a sense is karma at work also. It teaches that we cannot fix everything therefore we need to be a bit more careful about what we break.

To give a personal example, for a long while I had depression. Which later enabled me to help others with depression. I devoted a lot of time to trying to offset depression in others, which worked off the karma of me inflicting my own miserable attitude on others. I gave back.

We may not ever be able to work off the karma we have caused by our interaction with another, but we can put what we learned to use in a related circumstance. If we have been a dickhead, we can simply stop being a dickhead and in learning not to be a dickhead we are working of the karma we caused by our dickhead behaviours. The person to whom we were a dickhead may not benefit personally but a whole bunch of others might through our cessation of dickhead behaviours. We give back to the web of life that which we have taken from it. We restore the wider balance.

Karma after all is about balance.

Some tiny acts can have huge karmic impacts and sometimes all we can do is sit back and watch events unfold. All we can do is acknowledge our contribution and learn from it. This means that there is no waste, whatever damage we have done is put to good use. It is economy in action. It is not the same as penance, it is learning and evolution.

All of us have caused pain and suffering in someone else. The trick is to minimise the amount of new karma we generate. That way we can get busy at restoring the imbalances which we ourselves have caused. The key to this is adopting a new approach to life. If we don’t change we do the same old shit over and over.

So repeating patterns, situational longevity and sometimes having to let go are all indicators of something karmic at work. We cannot fix everything and this is a hard lesson for some to accept. It is all about balance, if you “take” more than you “give” an imbalance is set up

How Destructive am I?

With eyes fixed on our goals, driven by our ambitions, petty or otherwise, we seldom pause to consider how destructive we are or might be. That collateral damage seems unimportant whilst the trophy of victory beckons. That “must win” can lay waste. We can destroy many things in our selfishness.

It is a fact of human life that we must destroy and kill in order to live. We need to eat. But we take so much more than we need, we are driven by a greed of sorts. How deep that hunger, that thirst is, varies. That nagging, gaping, gnawing, insatiable hole is of variable depth and rawness. And no matter how much we pour into that bottomless pit, it is for some never enough. Instead of trying to figure out what the heck that hole is, we keep on pouring.

We may lash out at the ones we love, we may meddle and intervene in the lives of others, we may play power politics. These do not build. They so often destroy. Oh that ME it wants so very bad, it must have, no matter what the cost. We are often blind to the damage we cause both to others and the web of life in general.

We could seek to be less harmful and more harmless, to inflict ourselves less. But so often we don’t, because we want, and our ambition demands. And so, we justify our destructions, we humans can justify all kinds of things, at least for a while. Sometimes the patina wears off.

Having cued this up:

How destructive am I?

How extensive is the collateral damage from my ambitions?

What Vibes Do You Emanate?


Right now, you are emanating vibes into the web of life. You may not imagine this to be true, but you are. You are a strand in the prana or rather a point source. From you, vibes are emanating.

You may be having a good effect or a less good one.

As an exercise;

Right here, right now what vibes are you emanating?

Keep an eye on the vibes you are giving off at any given moment. This can help you understand where you are at. And should you wish to you can bring these emanations under your control. If you are pissed off, you will emanate anger. Do you want to pollute the web of life? Or do you want to be a source of a better kind of vibe?

Latency and Potential

Yesterday I raised the notion of mutants via the X-men and this is a good metaphor for how society treats its anomalies, of which I am one. I am anomalous in that given my background in terms of education and the establishments to which I was once associated, I find myself here doing this. Such a thing clashes with the systemic supposition of the sort of things I “should” be doing. Nevertheless, it is a material reality. This situation is unlikely to change any time soon. The system does not allow for this and for anyone therein to do anything about it, is way too risky in that context. I have joked about hot potatoes and barge poles, and that humour points. As such whatever remains of my latency and potential can only find a very limited expression, it is corralled here.

I’ll hazard a guess that I am in no way unique, in that there are many beings who have latent potential which remains un-manifested. The circumstances and the sociopolitical system is not a fertile bed in which they might grow and develop, its power structures will not let it. There is a loss by lack of manifestation. It is not a quantifiable loss because it never happened and thereby cannot be counted. It is one of those things which leaves no overt material world traces. It belongs to realms of “we will never know”. Whether things would be better for the manifestation nobody can, in truth, say. What we might say is that there is a hint of potential unrealised. In my case that is largely down to the interactions between me and a relatively small number of individuals. I am not looking at the dairy floor and bursting into tears about this. It is just like this.

Any human potential as it manifests alters the fabric of space-time and the event-flow set into action by that manifestation. Some have big effects others less. Where that potential of mine might have been is a kind of vacuum and other stuff has manifested therein. So, we have what might be called the karma of vacuums of the karma of what might have been but never was. This has an effect in that something else manifests where the latent potential might have done. Even a vacuum has an effect. Because that vacuum is filled it is not so obvious, the traces of the vacuum are gone.

One could frame this in terms of resource. A latent potential is a resource that might be tapped. But unlike resources such as shale gas there is less longevity to human potential. It cannot be saved up for future use, because the vehicle of human potential wears out and kicks the bucket. Unused capability has a karmic effect by loss, it never manifests and what might have been goes. It is not eco-friendly in that it is wasted and metaphorically stuffed into landfill. What we don’t use we lose. We might have had the benefit but did not like the look or the implication of a potential, so we manifest something different.

Even though something does not manifest it has effect by its lack of manifestation, the fabric of space-time does not evolve as it might otherwise have done. One can think of an artist’s palette. Upon that palette there are a number of oils, removal of one colour does not preclude the painting, it does limit the spectrum of that painting, however.

One notices “that which is missing” from time to time. Everyone has experienced this to an extent, even if only after the passing of a pet. The space where something used to be is noted. One does not see the space where something might have been in such an obvious way. Though these possibilities may leave a mark on the psyche, the child we never had, the things we never got around to. This realm of possibilities must ever remain intangible, because there is nothing to touch, no substance.

So latent and unrealised potential is the very non-stuff within the web of life. If you like it is the dark energy immaterial which somehow still has an impact by its very lack of matter. It is an echo never sounded in the cosmic symphony, a space, a pause in tempo. Because it never made it out of the void, it carries with it something void, a nothing-ness and is the gap between the fibres of the spider’s web. Without which the web would appear entirely different.

Strange thing this latent, unrealised, un-manifested potential. It is all around us, but we cannot see it.



We each of us emanate into the web of life, what we emanate can come back like a boomerang. It is therefore wise to be mindful and in control of our emanations. The more emotionally charged our emanations are, the more harmful the effect. In the 21st century the idea of ritual magic, is perhaps antiquated. But this is not so, there are many a would-be Harry, Draco or Hermione out there. I saw a young girl with a broomstick and a wand in the coffee shop the other day. One does not need ritual instruments to emanate. When we are pissed off in a traffic jam we are emanating bad shit into the web of life.  When someone angers us, we send bile and poison at them in our mind. All of us have projected anger at some stage or another, the degree may vary.

It is best to be as harmless as one can be. If one finds anything nasty brewing in oneself, dissolve it do not project it.  Neutrality is safest of all. To achieve harmlessness, one has to learn not to react. This is the beginning is of self-control. If our self-importance is pricked, there is a tendency to emit self-righteous indignation, there is a whole bunch of this in the web of life, already. There is also a whole load of intrigue. Harmlessness is not adding to the emotional toxins already existing. The idea is to take responsibility for what we emit and emanate. The planet does not need more pollution.

Having cued this up as an exercise:

Keep a look out for what you are emanating into the web of life. If it is of a dark shade, try to limit the ardour of it. Even better dissolve anything nasty brewing before it gets near the point of emanation.